"""Crystal""" Pepsi

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"""Crystal""" Pepsi
Number 219
Broadcast Date May 02, 2018
Episode Length 01:49:23
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

The Brushwoods tear up Canada and rip fried bologna a new bologna hole. Bonnie gets a lot of wine. And on this, our equilibrium episode of NSFW, we've been canceled! Thank god there's a podcast competition we can pitch a bunch of shows to. Funding for NPR's Airhorns Around The World provided by The Chubb Group.

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What is the up?

Justin may still in love with United Airlines, but Brian has had a zero percent success rate with United. Brian gave presentations at the Atlantic Security Conference in Halifax, NS Canada. This time he got to spend eight hours at the airport. Hey at least those Canadian dollars are pretty much worthless (well, not really). But, there was a great buffet at the Holiday Inn. Brian played hearthstone and slept like a hobo. Turns out sleeping like a hobo is the best way to get the Holiday Inn to give you a room. Sure, United were the height of inconvenience, but they got a half bottle of red wine out of the deal. Turns out carrying a bottle of wine from flight to flight and through customs can be an issue.

While in Halifax, Brian had to do a “magic show”, did you know Brian does magic? Bonnie overheard a canadian coke dealer making coke deals on his coke phone. No coke, pepsi. Later Bonnie asserted her dominance by being brisk with a pedestrian.

But wait there’s more! They served Brian fried bologna! Fried bologna is an abomination! “Wet soggy styrofoam that’s been burned - hot dogs without the skins”, Brian described.

Exasperated by this bunch of bologna, they started tweeting at @ExploreCanada about fried bologna. “That’s as good as I’m going to get out of you assholes” - Brian, regarding composition of the tweet


Thanks go out to KYLE CORNETT, who was apparently turned into fried bologna. Twitch story time! Support on Patreon or subscribe on twitch to support the show and get your name made fun of during the twitch subscription/bits pile-on.

You Think This is a Game?

Oh no, Night Attack has been cancelled! They have to pitch a new podcast for Fisher Scientific and Goblet! It’s a ninety second pitch of it! The shows they came up with included:

  • ”Cereal”, like “Serial” but with Cap’n Crunch. Maybe “Sea-real"
  • ”Framing Peter Frampton for a double murder” "We tell him it’s an interview, but we leave bloody knives!”
  • ”Smelt it we dealt it”
  • ”The Ira Sockman ASMR show”
  • ”Jump, Sleep, Splat”
  • ”Famtrekker” - Amtrekker goes on the road again, but takes his whole family with him “This podcast is only available on ios, deal with it” - Brian
  • ”Call in show” A mystery caller who is definitely not Bonnie Brushwood calls in to complain about their husband looking at their phone all day
  • “Six degrees of fuck this” Looking at random wikipedia pages, and going to other random pages, eventually leading to Russia.
  • ”The D-man’s Demons” "Think Dark Tower, but with more disappointed ex-wives”
  • ”A Dark Serious tale about the exposure of corruption and infiltration of our government by forces that wish to subvert it” by correspondant Big Dicks Cum Cum Pee Pee Poopy Man
  • ”The Quest for the airhorn”
  • ”Honest Retro Games featuring two bros”

Hey, at the end Jeffrey Canada called and they got their show back! Take that, Bembridge Scholars!

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Diamond Time

Movie Draft Minute

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Fun Facts

  • Ashley dyed her hair pink and showed it off during the show. Brian’s daughter Josie also dyed her hair, albeit with food coloring.
  • In-studio guest was Mitzula, see him during the pre-show and post-show


Preshow & Aftershow

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