2016 Summer Movie Draft

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2016 Summer Movie Draft
Number 109
Broadcast Date March 22, 2016
Episode Length 1:26:30
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Mikey Neumann, Kris Straub, Jeff Cannata, Tom Merritt, Jennie Josephson, Mulango Akpo-Esambe, Kristi Kates, Brett Rounsaville, MikeTV, Brandt Hughes, Bryce Castillo

It's the 2016 Summer Movie Draft! Movies go for so much more and so much less than you would expect! Also: 13 people talking over each other for an hour and half.


Cold Open

Might as well face it you're addicted to Trump.


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2016 Summer Movie Draft

It's that time of the year where we get a ton of our friends to bid on the summer's movies.

  • Team Night Attack
    • Brian Brushwood
    • Justin Robert Young
  • Team Amtrekker
  • Team Cordkillers
    • Kristi Kates
    • Mulango Akpo-Esambe
  • Team DTNS
    • Tom Merritt
    • Jennie Josephson
  • Team Chainsawsuit
    • Mikey Neumann
    • Kris Straub
  • Team We Have Concerns
    • Jeff Cannata
    • Anthony Carboni
Movie Lineups
Team Fake Dollars Spent Movies

Night Attack 96 Hardcore Henry, The Boss, Captain America: Civil War, The Secret Life of Pets, Ghostbusters
Amtrekker 77 My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, The Angry Birds Movie, Finding Dory
Cordkillers 91 X-Men: Apocalypse, Warcraft, Independence Day: Resurgence, The Legend of Tarzan, The Purge: Election Year
DTNS 94 The Jungle Book, The Huntsman Winter's War, Keanu, Free State of Jones, Now You See Me 2, Star Trek Beyond, Suicide Squad
We Have Concerns 94 Money Monster, The Conjuring 2, Ice Age: Collision Course, Jason Bourne
Chainsawsuit 86 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Mother's Day, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Central Intelligence

Check out the official Movie League doc at Draft.DiamondClub.tv for up to date movie grosses and Host/Chatrealm leaderboards.

We're All Gonna Sound Real Dumb/Smart After These Movies Come Out

During the draft, many predictions were made about the performances of these movies. Here's some quotes from the episode for posterity.

Alright, dog. Be cool. All these predictions were made, in some cases, months before the movies came out and buzz started getting out there. Tons of shit can change between the draft and the release of the movies. This is just meant to be a fun section that we can all look back on and laugh. This ain't a "LOL THESE PEOPLE ARE DUMB" section.

  • Mikey - "I think [The Angry Birds Movie] is gonna be the dark horse of the summer… I think it's gonna do two- three hundred- four hundred. Laugh now, put this on YouTube..."
  • Brett - "I actually have [The Angry Birds Movie] at 200 [million dollars]."
  • Justin - "There is a real shot that The Boss is competitive with Ghostbusters."
  • Mikey - "Can we do side bets? Because Angry Birds is gonna make more money than Ice Age"
Mulango - "I'll take that side bet."
  • Justin - "That is $5 more than anyone will spend on [Free State of Jones]."
  • Brian - "[Mother's Day] is gonna make more money than Free State of Jones!"
Brett - "That is distinctly possible."
  • Mikey - "We would've paid up to $12 for [Mother's Day]"
Jennie - "Your strategy is garbage."
Mikey - "I will accept your apology at the end of the summer."
Justin - "That was actually red-ed out on ours as a total 'stay away'."
  • Jeff - "[Warcraft] is gonna bomb in comparison to its budget, but it's gonna make $100 million at least."
  • Brian - (Talking about The Huntsman: Winter's War) "$12?! That's a steal! That's a good buy."
  • Jeff - (Talking about Keanu for $6) "That's actually a frickin steal, man."
Brian - "No it's not. That movie's gonna make no money."
  • Mikey - (Seeing The Jungle Book get bid up to 13) "This blows my mind"
  • Jeff - "[Alice Through the Looking Glass] is going to tank."
  • Justin - "[Central Intelligence for $13] is actually a good buy."
  • Mikey - "[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice] is making a billion dollars, let's be honest here."
Jeff - "[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for $26] is a pretty good bargain."
Brian - "That's pretty good."
Tom - "That's a bargain."
Justin - "That's a CRAZY bargain."
Mikey - "You guys all just lost."
Kris - "That's not an indication of our support of the film."
Justin - "We had that projected at $350 million and it went for $27."
Brian - "Yeah, which tells you how little we believe our own projections."
Jeff - "Also, that movie has three extra months than every other movie on here to make money."
Brian - "Yeah… that won't matter."
Brett - "I think it does slightly better than Man of Steel… I think it does between 300 and 350"
Jennie - "250"
Brian - "I think it'll be in the top 5 purchases of the entire draft for sure."
Tom - "That could be the #1 dollar for dollar spent."
  • Mikey - "[Batman v Superman] is gonna make more money than Finding Dory."
Tom - "Batman is still gonna make more money than Finding Dory."
Tom - "Finding Dory is still a bargain, but not nearly as much of a bargain as Batman."
  • Jeff - "I did not plan very well"
  • Mikey - "You're gonna be lucky if [The Legend of Tarzan] MAKES $6."
Brian - "Good buy, good buy" (Tarzan for $7)
Mikey - "Not… not a… ok."
Tom - "For $7… it'll make $50 million."
Mikey - "NOPE."
  • Jeff - "I'm really not too smart at this game."
  • Mikey - "[The Secret Life of Pets] is not worth any of those dollars."
  • Brian - (After getting Captain America: Civil War for $24) "Man, thanks for showing up, losers."
  • Mike - "I think [The Secret Life of Pets] will do really really well."
Justin - "We actually marked that one as a possible over-performer."
  • Brian - "[We Have Concerns has] a strong lineup. Maybe overpaid for The Conjuring 2."
  • Justin - "The fact that [Batman v Superman] went for 27 is insane. That's a $350 million movie if it's the Phantom Menace, which by all accounts it is."
  • Justin - "With Batman v Superman, Warner Bros. is looking at almost the exact same thing that Disney looked at with Star Wars. Just by brand value alone, that should be a contender for the most profitable movie of all time if it's good. The floor is 300."
  • Tom - "Chainsawsuit and Night Attack look like the strongest."
  • Jennie - "I think Paramount's marketing department is gonna push [Star Trek Beyond] so hard."
  • Justin - "People are sleeping on Amtrekker's slate. Amtrekker's got a real good slate."
  • Mikey - "Angry Birds, Neighbors and Finding Dory is huge."
  • Justin - "Finding Dory could do Batman Superman numbers. It's not crazy to think of that."
Brett - "I would actually expect Finding Dory to outperform Batman Superman."
Justin - "Well that's insane."
Brett - "... nostalgia plus Pixar equals all the money."
Mulango - "[Finding Nemo] made $380 million back in 2003 and… Ellen is gonna milk the crap out of this."
Justin - "Wow it did to 380. It IS gonna do better than Batman Superman."

Play Along!

Are you reading this before the release of Batman v Superman? If so, you can play along and compile your own slate of movies using the auction prices that were set during the show. Here's a tip: Don't choose The Conjuring 2.

Head on over to Draft.DiamondClub.tv/form to pick your movies.

If you're reading this after March 25, 2016 then you can go out to a park or the woods or your backyard, find a stick... aaaaand go ahead and stick it up your ass.

Who's Gonna Win?

Which team is gonna win?

Gonna Listen To Some Plugs


Diamond Time

If you want to submit your thing for Diamond Time head over to the weekly Diamond Time post on the DiamondClub subreddit. Instructions on how to format your submission can be found in the post!


People talked and people slowly dropped off. Then Brian and Mikey argued about which Texas city was a bigger pile of shit: Dallas or Austin.

Belt Winner

No belt this week.

Great Quotes

  • Mikey - "Kris, take this down"
Kris - "I can't, I don't have ops in this channel."
Mikey - "Op me. Op me. Voice me. Voice. Voice pls. Op me. Op me."
(During the TMNT bidding)
  • Justin - "Today, we celebrate Randy Quaid being forgotten." (During the bidding for Independence Day)
  • Brian - "If you've been waiting till she was 18, then guess what… you're a creeper." (During the bidding for Neighbors 2)

Fun Facts

  • Team TMS with Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott dropped out and were replaced by Amtrekker
  • Chatrealmer ShadowTiger was in Justin's studio for this episode
  • Jeff accidentally bid 39 for Independence Day, but in the end it totally didn't matter because he ended up with a shit ton of money and spent 51 on The Conjuring 2 for no reason




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