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Number 40
Broadcast Date September 17, 2009
Episode Length 2:02:41
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Brett Rounsaville
The Winning Image by Petefic (Spoiler!)

It's an Adobeshop smackdown between Dodd Vickers, petefic, and Kuhan! Who will win???


Fastest Drawing Fingers Elimination

New Champions! Woo!

  • First "Ima let you finish" reference.
  • First use of Tinychat.
  • First appearance of Kuhan hate

Drinking Game

  • Every time there is a gong sound.

Great Quotes

  • "It's so much funnier... You think you're hitting a gong, but the rest of us just hear a toilet flushing." -Brian
  • "Hold on! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! We got a little shit talk here in the chat room. Peter Fic is launching a damning charge. 'Fuck you, Kuhan. Stop stealing my Adobeshops. Free-spirited Hitler was mine.'" -Justin
  • "Man, I'd hate to say it, but Kuhan kinda has the turd trifecta goin' on. He showed up late, he had the fewest numbers of entries, none of his entries even had all the BBLiveShow cast members in it, and he didn't really pull it out in the thing." -Brian
  • "The chat room's all like 'BAN HIM!' I can't believe you guys are saying 'ban him'. I tell you what, we'll put Kuhan on Photoshop probation. Does that work for you?" -Brian



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