A Rainbow of Dazzling Action

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A Rainbow of Dazzling Action
Number 136
Broadcast Date July 17, 2012
Episode Length 1:02:49
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane is back! The guys preview the upcoming movie "The Dark Knight Rises" and then spit out some wonderfully terrible advice in a round of Pr0blem Solverz!


Opening Video

Mr. Wizard's a Dick

"The Dark Knight Rises" - In Theaters Everywhere July 20th

Sarah Lane may own The Dark Knight Rises in the movie draft, but Brian and Justin want to promote the movie in order to take credit for its success. Brian claims to have a leaked script from the movie and he, Sarah, Justin and Bonnie all performed it live.


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Pr0blem Solverz

They've played it literally a billion times before and now its back, Brian, Justin and Sarah are going to give (probably terrible) advice to those who need it.

  • Ryan C. - A few days ago, her friends called her their "single friend", how does she go about fixing this?
    • Justin - Restate
    • Sarah - Start eating TONS of garlic and own the single life
    • Brian - Buy yourself a bone and you're never alone.
  • Kelsey- She has the "Reading Rainbow" song stuck in her head.
    • Sarah - Restate
    • Brian - Why would you want it out of your head?
    • Justin - When you shoot yourself in the eye, the music dies.
  • Ryan A. - He had ankle surgery and he has to work on his feet all day. His doctor's recommendation and his bosses demands are conflicting.
    • Brian - Restate
    • Justin - Put all your money into a Roth IRA
    • Sarah - If all else fails, you have a third leg, learn how to use it.
  • Eric - He has a girl in his group for a college class that is always late and always makes crappy excuses, how can he survive the group for another four months.
    • Justin - Restate
    • Sarah - You gotta get a new job dude, you're gonna go nuts.
    • Brian - Set fire to her house.
  • Somebody- His cat is scratching up his Laserdiscs
    • Sarah- Restate
    • Brian - Bro let it go.
    • Justin - Heh... heh... heh... I LOVE LASERDISCS! PUNCH YOUR CAT IN THE FACE!
Sarah yelling.gif
Note: This was PROBABLY a call to the wrong number.
  • April- She has to change into her scrubs at work in the locker room with a really smelly co-worker.
    • Justin - Restate
    • Brian - Put Vick's Vaporub on your nose.

The Diamond Club Book

All the writing is DONE, now is the time for editing. There is about 120,000 words in it now, however some chapters are just a bit TOO nonsensical and need to be removed.

Please help edit the book! Tweet @kuhan to get access to the book and edit it. If you just want to read what we have now, you can go to bit.ly/thediamondclubbook.

As of the episode's recording, the planned release date is July 30th, 2012.

Ali Spagnola's Power Hour

Ali Spagnola, the woman who performed during the NSFW episode The Power Hour, is trying to get some buzz going on Reddit. Go help her out!

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • "You should probably not go to the theaters to see this movie, because it's pretty one hundred percent going to give you cancer." -Justin
  • "You have a third leg, learn to use it." -Sarah

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