Am I A Troll?

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Am I A Troll?
Number 45
Broadcast Date November 3, 2009
Episode Length 1:07:39
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

Brian and Troll Pope JRY determine if callers' actions were trolling.


The show starts with a "Troll 2" trailer and reveal of Brian's new haircut and Justin's goatee.

Justin explains the premise of the episode. (Are you "being clever" or the "internet's most common pest, the troll"?)

The "Troll Toll" song is played and given it's own spot in the Quad Laser.

Rulings Begin

All authors names are anonymized by Justin.

First round: Cooter Jasper Solamiarta (AKA "Carlos")

The first submitter pulled a "Justin Robert Young" by entering AOL chat rooms pretending to be the opposite of whatever the topic of the chat room was. (Ex: They were a Muslim in the Christian chat room.)

Ruling: Troll.

Second round: MasterWabbit

MasterWabbit offended by people posting positive comments about how much their kids enjoyed Wii Sports Resort cycling, he linked to multiple bad reviews and called their kids "rotten little tyrants" and saying all they cared about were cutesy graphics.

Ruling: Troll.

Third round: Brian Brushwood

In Left4Dead, Brian gets sick of listening to people being bad sportsmen, so he warned them that if they didn't stop and be gentlemen, he was going to "bust out the Tea Party" on their asses. Rather than play the game, Brian's team pretended to have tea for 45 minutes, wasting everyone's time.

Ruling: Troll.

Fourth round: Mr. Beelzebub

Mr. Beelzebub had been a long time PS2 user, but after he got his first XBox 360 and had too much to drink, he went on the PS3 forum and made a list of why the PS3 sucked. He was permabanned from the Playstation forums and regretted it immediately, but especially when he also got a PS3.

Ruling: Troll.

Fifth round: Chad Johnson

Chad and 30 of his fellow Second Life players had a reputation for "doing things" and one night they all dressed like Aladdin and "stormed a sex palace" in search of Abu. They were carrying bread that was modified to shoot extra bread. One person may have even dressed up as Abu and ran through as everyone else was asking the sex palace regulars where he was.

Ruling: Absolved for being funny.

Sixth round: CALLER: UNKNOWN

Caller pretended to be a hot 18 year old girl in chat rooms and would surprise them with a penis previously not mentioned during the chat.

Ruling: Absolved since Pope Justin did the same thing.

Seventh round: Jurisdiction Westboro

Jurisdiction enjoys going on the website of the Sacramento Bee newspaper and trolling any article where they praise the employees of the state of California, because he is a state employee in California and considers his co-workers "uneducated and unqualified oafs." He bashes the "waste" and the union for keeping "idiot employees."

Ruling: Absolved for state employees everywhere.

Eighth round: TSSaloic

TSSaloic DM'd Brian during the fourth round a link to a Digg article showing that the PS3 processor was on par with a 800 MHz Pentium III.

Ruling: Troll.

Ninth round: OhDoctah

OhDoctah owns the website, IWannaSmackSteveJobsInTheFace.Com. Fake Steve Jobs wrote him and called him a "black hippo 'ninja'" and that he would fix the iPhone.

Ruling: Absolved for being funny.

Tenth round: Distillery Factory

Distillery would play a pre-recorded video and trick people into believing he was the sexy girl using the "Contra code downstairs" and if they paid him, he would continue the show. He never made any money, but his "friend" made thousands of dollars.

Ruling: Absolved because he "gave them what they wanted."

Eleventh round: Personified

Personified trolled a "pre-pubescent Australian boy on a Ventrilo server." He calls in and explains how he tried to get the boy laid. The boy was hanging out with a girl friend of his, and Personified attempted to hook them up.

Ruling: Troll.

Twelfth round: Uncle Willie

Uncle Willie was an air-borne infantryman in the army and called out a first sargeant's overuse of Spartan war references by telling him how gay they were.

Ruling: Absolved because they were gay.

Thirteenth round: Chris (AKA Bespectacled Possible Troll)

"BPT" calls in and tells a story about while playing Dead or Alive 4 on level D against a bunch of 13 year olds, he yells "Take that, you little bitches!" the first time he wins.

Ruling: Absolved for being lame.

During the second round Brian corrects MasterWabbit's use of the word "droll." Justin defends MasterWabbit, asserting that droll means boring, and challenges Brian to a bet. The stakes are set at one hotdog to be emailed later. Justin was incorrect. Brian plays the "New Champion" clip and Justin's penalty is AIDS.

Ohdoctah says that black trolls do not exist.

Brian and Justin discuss ways to sneak a "TPIA" shirt onto an episode of Scam School.

Brian discovers that if he puts his shirt over his head like Cornholio, he looks like his brother Jay.

Bonnie calls in and says that she heard in another podcast, that women can make a lot of money making bologna sandwiches on webcam. Brian said that while he's out on the road, she can use the BBLive studio as long as there's money in it and makes them rich enough to afford a better studio.

Chad sends in a screenshot from his time as a bread shooting Aladdin.

Dodd Vickers calls in to troll them by pimping his new website ReallyWeirdThings.Com.

Great Quotes

Brian and Justin: "Ya gotta pay the droll toll."

MasterWabbit: "YAYZORS, I R BIKKING!"

Fun Facts

This is the first appearance of Chad Johnson on The BBLiveShow


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