An Over-Privileged Sailor

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An Over-Privileged Sailor
Number 272
Broadcast Date May 09, 2019
Episode Length 01:27:17
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Darren Kitchen, Mitzula

Justin's back in Oakland with Hak5's Darren Kitchen with stories of unexpected guests in abandoned houses, a wing sauce experiment, and a fantasy casting for a shoot-for-shoot remake of Blazing Saddles. Plus, a new lingo game, "20/20" and your emails to Yer a real hardo, ya egg!



Justin is back in Oakland, but last week he was in Austin for recording some extra Night Attack shows, and during his stay he stayed overnight at Modern Rogue World Headquarters. After the show last week, Justin went back to MRHQ to sleep and was awakened in the morning to a black silhouette outside the door. Surely it must be Brian who would just show up in the morning and barge in, is it not? Turns out it was actually Jay Brushwood with breakfast tacos.

Wing Commander

During the Austin stay, Brian and Justin went to the same wing place Brian had described last week where he went to eat incredibly hot wings and play Hearthstone. They recreated the "eat hot wings and play Hearthstone with pinkies" with Justin, and recorded it and showed the video during the show.

During the wing session they also proposed doing a shot-for-shot remake of Blazing Saddles, and challenged the audience to do the casting. Donald Glover as Bart, Mel Gibson as Hedley Lamarr.


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The THE BIT BOSS was Biocow no Peteyrave!

20/20 Game

It's not the Wide World of Sports. It's a game from Doctor Arby. It's 20/20. Given some slang, is it from 1920 or 2020? Can you imagine. It's Oakland (Justin and Darren) vs. Austin (Brian and Mitzula). They get a bonus point if they can give the definition.

  • "We Love That." Aus: 2020. Correct!
  • "Cheaters." Oak: 2020. Incorrect! (Bifocals)
  • "Jake." Aus: 1920. Correct! (Okay, or fine)
  • "Beat Your Face." Oak: 2020. Correct! (to apply makeup)
  • "Pull up." Aus: 2020. Correct! (an invitation)
  • "Crackey." Oak: 1920. Incorrect! (Someone who smokes)
  • "Hardo." Aus: 1920. Incorrect! (a "try hard"). There was an extended discussion of what "try hard" means.
  • "Bubs." Oak: 1920. Correct! (breasts)
  • "Put someone on." Oak: 2020. Correct! (getting someone on a trend)
  • "Egg." Aus: 1920. Correct! (wealthy lifestyle)

It's a tie game! TIE BREAKER!

  • "Rub." Oakland got it wrong, so Austin wins! (Dance party for college students)

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

The lead: Frogpants. The details:


What are your NFL draft hot takes? (Brian knows nothing but gets guidance from Mitzula). Looking for black friends in Portland? (Your mistake was moving to Portland). Send your mail to mail at night attack dot tv.

Quoted Quotes

  • "What the fuck is wrong with trying hard?" - Brian
  • "Eat shit west coast! Eaaat shiiit!" - Brian

Fun Fact

  • "Over-Privileged Young Sailor" was Darren's guess for the definition for Crackey.


Preshow & Aftershow

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