Anthony Carboni Also Featuring Real Life Video Game Props

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Anthony Carboni Also Featuring Real Life Video Game Props
Number 11
Broadcast Date March 25, 2012
Episode Length 47:07
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Veronica Belmont
Guests Anthony Carboni, Bill Doran, Phil Plait

Anthony Carboni (New Challenger) on Ninja Gaiden. Real life video game props. Is the Mass Effect 3 ending change BS? Angry Birds Space w/ Phil Plait.


System Update

  • OMGPOP gets bought by Zynga.
  • Rumors state Prey 2 is cancelled.
  • Gaming surpasses other entertainment sales.
  • GTA brings in multiplayer.
  • Bioware co-founder releases an open letter concerning the Mass Effect 3 ending.

Flame Wars

Is Bioware changing the ending to Mass Effect 3 a good or bad thing?

  • Initial votes indicate 63% of the audience agrees that Bioware changing the ending to Mass Effect 3 is a bad move.
  • Veronica believes that changing the ending sets a bad precedent for content creators.
  • Brian believes that Bioware is just offering more content to serve the needs of the consumer.
  • Brian sways votes more in his favor although Veronica still kept majority.

Ford featuring Curve Control

Go to to learn more.

Interview : Anthony Carboni

Veronica interviews Anthony Carboni, host of New Challenger, to discuss Ninja Gaiden 3.


Angry Birds Space for iOS.


Go to to get your free audio book for signing up.

Interview : Bill Doran

Brian interviews Bill Doran in studio to discuss his props.

L33t Sh33t

The Top 5 Best Dressed Characters Of All Time

  • 5. Adam Jensen (Deus Ex)
  • 4. Cate Archer (The Operative: No One Lives Forever)
  • 3. John Marsten (Red Dead Redemption)
  • 2. Naomi Hunter (Metal Gear Solid)
  • 1. Spy (Team Fortress 2)

Doghouse Systems

Go to and use code "GameOn" at checkout and they will double your memory for free.


  • Chad checks in on the audience strawpoll for the Flame War.
  • A viewer facetiously wants a changing to the end of Super Mario 1.
  • A viewer thinks changing the ending to ME3 is akin to including Hayden Christensen to the Return of the Jedi.
  • A viewer looks forward to Mass Effect 4.
  • A viewer loves the synergy with Game On! and badastronomer.

Closing Videos

Shut Up And Play

This week Glenn hosts a session of Team Fortress 2, and Brian and Glenn face-off in NBA Jam for the Grudge Match and Mario Party after that.

Great Quotes

  • Brian, "I feel like I could stab a hobo or an orc with this thing."
  • Brian, "Joker goes home, watches robot porn, eats cheetos and goes to sleep."

Fun Facts



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Anthony Carboni Also Featuring Real Life Video Game Props
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