Austin Night Attack Live 2018

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Austin Night Attack Live 2018
Number 212
Broadcast Date March 14, 2018
Episode Length 00:57:29
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Jomo and the Possum Posse, Dual Core,Tom Merritt

Music from Jomo & The Possum Posse and Dual Core, a promised book report, and The Middle Name Challenge To The Death Or Something.


Help the Kids

The Ritual Misery Podcast hosts introduce the show and kindly ask you to donate to the Diamondclub Extra Life Effort


Jomo and the Possum Party perform "Alright By Mine"

Not Everybody Loves Your Sack

Brian and Justin start the show by recapping the events of their adventure with sacks of gold coins, making bets with each other, attempting to pay their bar tabs, and being rejected by homless people.

A Followup to Make You Tingle

Brian read's Bonnie's challenge from the previous week, where she had to read a Chuck Tingle book and write a book report. Bonnie chose Turned Gay By The Existential Dread That I May Actually Be A Character In A Chuck Tingle Book Bonnie wrote: It's all so gay

The Middle (Name) of the Show

Guest Star Tom Merritt is brought on for the incongruous Guess the Middle Name of Random Audience Member or Be Forced to Do a Challenge


  • Brian guessed: Mandrew
  • Justin guessed: David
  • Tom guessed: Alan

Andrew's actual middle name was Labin, and it was decided Justin had to perform the randomly selected challenge "Shave his arm hair, one square inch minimum" (he did).


  • Brian guessed: Cornwallis
  • Justin guessed: Maurice
  • Tom guessed: Lestat

Jessica's actual middle name was Anne, Justin again had to perform the randomly selected challenge "Another guest has to make a tweet from his account, and he has to leave it up for four hours" (he did). Super Trey Warren chose to tweet on Justin's behalf "I'm a Hugger!"


  • Brian guessed: Gertrude
  • Justin guessed: Christine
  • Tom guessed: Elizabeth

Korinna's actual middle name was Lou, Brian had to perform the "cinnamon challenge" (he did), strategically making cinnamon come out his nose, cinnamon toasting his moustache, and as Justin described "This mic now smells like Thanksgiving."


  • Brian guessed: Blaine
  • Justin guessed: Doug
  • Tom guessed: Charles

Shane's actual middle name was Brendan, Tom had to "write a haiku about another guest in thirty seconds and recite" "Shane, he picked me man / I won't be buying him beer / Wow, got off easy"

Final Challenge

Brian and Justin did a round of Rock/Paper/Scissors to pick for one last challenge. Justin (scissors) won over Brian (paper), and Brian had to perform a "handstand for thirty seconds, don't fall on nobody" which he did, albeit with assistance and did not puke.

Presentation of Special Award

Travis Tubbs presented Bryce Castillo with a custom Funko Pop that looked like Bryce. "Oh my gosh it's a Funko Pop that looks like me!" Allegedly a second Bryce Funko Pop will be produced and sold for charitable purposes.

More Music

Dual Core performed "The Ten Hack Commandments" followed by Jomo and the Possum Posse performing "Guy on a Buffalo"

There was a lot of live music at Austin Night Attack Live 2018, such that much of it was put into it's own video, initially a Patreon exclusive.

Fun Facts

  • At one point Justin talked into his beer, rather than his microphone
  • Shane won the Ritual Misery Podcast scavenger hunt, and received a $200 bar tab
  • The location for this Austin Night Attack Live 2018 was the Kung Fu Saloon, Austin Texas.


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!

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