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BOILED! is a phrase coined by Justin Robert Young in 2006. It is commonly exclamed whenever somebody is put in their place, much in the same way one would use the phrase "burned". While the phrase is commonly used in the Chat Room, it also plays a large role in Brian and Justin's Hearthstone streams. The phrase is yelled by both the hosts and the chat whenever the hosts are on the verge of a victory.

Common Uses

  • "BOILED"
  • "#BOILED"
  • "[X] BOILED"
  • "B-B-B-B-B-B-BOILED!!!!!!!"


The phrase first appeared in a video made by Justin and his college friend Sean from 2006 called What Assholes. In the video, Justin coaxes an unsuspecting stranger near the house and Sean dumps boiling water on them from the 2nd floor window. At which point Justin yells "OH SHIT! YOU JUST GOT BOILED!"

The video was pretty much forgotten for more than 8 years before it was dug up by Sunbun and played in the preshow of Night Attack #41. Here's the video of Chatrealm's first exposure to boiling: Night Attack #41: Preshow @ 20:33

Video Transcript

(0:20) Hey, hey uh, say is that a dog? Oh, yes I, yeah. I have... ok, alright, no. Alright, fine. See ya later.

Um... how you doin'? Happy holidays. Yeah. Great, great. Is that... is that a shirt? Okay. Alright. Hey, yeah, s-see ya later.

Hey, is that a green shirt? Is that... y-y-yeah... come here, come here, come here. Y-y-yeah. No, come here, come here. Because I think I have the same green shirt. I think I have the same exact one. N-n-n-no. Come here. Come here. Come closer. Come closer. Yeaaahhh... yeah, wow. Wow. Can I see the tag? Can you just pop the tag there real quick? Yeah, just turn around. Just turn around. Just go ahead.

(1:43) But it was a real nice house, a really really nice, nice-- OH SHIT! YOU JUST GOT BOILED! YOU JUST GOT BOILLLLLLED! DAMN! DAMN, YOU SO BOILED! BOILED! YEAH!