Babe Runner: Pig in the Shitty

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Babe Runner: Pig in the Shitty
Number 231
Broadcast Date July 25, 2018
Episode Length 01:39:48
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Owen JJ Stone

It's a real-ass conversation about the recent James Gunn/Dan Harmon with special call-in from out friend Owen JJ Stone aka "OhDoctah!" And then, light fun round of "Bid-a-Movie."

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In the Preshow and Aftershow

Don't be content with just the show, get the preshow and postshow. Get it in your own RSS feed by supporting the show at In the aftershow, special strategic guest star Oh Doctah called back and they had a heavy spoiler discussion of "Sorry to Bother You"

Oh, that was a serious turn

So the show starts off and gets serious real fast. Talking about recent events with James Gunn and Dan Harmon. Owen JJ Stone aka Oh Doctah calls in and they talk over things for a while.

Patreon Name Chant Corner Hour

This week, the most exalted is JOEY DIAMOND SCOOP. You can be like Joey Diamond Scoop and get your name shouted out by being a supporter at Also they set aside some special time for just themselves and the twitch subs n' bitz people.


It's a game from Keith, thank you Keith. The guys have to bit on number of IMDb tags they get to see and then have to guess the movie.

  • Jurassic Park. Justin got seven keywords. Famous Score. Escape. Sabotage. Paleontology. Secret Island. Chaos Theory. Tyrannosaurus Rex. Justin got it right.
  • Blade Runner. Brian got six keywords. Future. Dystopia. Fugitive. Neonoir. Mega-corporation. Existentialism. Brian got it right.
  • Human Centipede. Justin got six keywords. Kidnapping. Mad Scientist. Victim. Sadist. Language Barrier. American Abroad. Justin guessed "Hostel." additional keywords given: Defecation. Brian got it.
  • La La Land. Justin got six keywords. Pianist. Rehearsal. Movie Theater. Listening to a car radio. Meet cute. Quitting a job. Justin got it right.
  • Sharknado. Brian got four keywords. CGI. Title Spoken by Character. Disaster Film. Hurricane. Brian guessed "Twister" Additional keywords: Cult Film. Justin guessed "2012" More keywords: Rapelling. Brian guessed "Cliffhanger" Still more keywords: Los Angeles California. Justin guessed "Moonlight" next keyword: Eaten Alive. Brian guessed "Primer" next keyword: Schoolbus. Justin guessed "Punch Drunk Love" last keyword: Shark. Brian guessed "Riptide"

Who won, who knows! They played more of this in the aftershow. Do you have a game to send in? You send it to and no place else because that would be dumb!

Diamond Time

Movie Draft Minute

Johntrekker is in the lead and Brett is insufferable! The draft is over soon! See all the details at

Quotes to get you fired later

  • "I got one-fifth of the total points from Brian's cowardly bidding" - Justin
  • "BABE RUNNER, PIG IN THE SHITTY!" - Brian's hypothetical third Babe the talking pig movie
  • "I only saw the South Park interpretation, but there was a Japanese guy in that one too" - Brian regarding "Human Centipede"
  • "I would like that line stricken from the record, because it makes it look like I ruined the bit too early" - Brian

Some Fun old Facts

  • "Primer" is a great movie.


Preshow & Aftershow

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