Baratunde Thurston

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Baratunde Thurston is a senior editor for The Onion's web site. He was a guest on the Pantsing Arnold episode of NSFW.

Baratunde describes himself as follows:

Baratunde exists at the intersection of comedy, politics and technology. His official duties include Web & Politics editor at The Onion, co-founder of Jack & Jill Politics and host of PopSci's Future Of on Science Channel. Basically, he's a smart, funny, extremely handsome dude.

Fun Facts

  • Baratunde was the first guest of NSFW to walk off the show. Although there was no obvious hostility, he mysteriously and coincidentally felt the need to leave immediately after Brian, Justin, and Brett compared Cracked to The Onion and the majority of the hosts felt that Cracked's web site was superior to The Onion's web site.