Beat "The Shakes" and Master The Approach!

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Beat "The Shakes" and Master The Approach!
Number 1
Broadcast Date January 14, 2013
Episode Length 5:35
Hosts Brian Brushwood


Brian answers questions straight from the Scam School audience about getting nervous, approaching groups of strangers, and sporting a terrible beard.


Viewer Question 01 - Spiked Hair

Brian addresses concerns from the YouTube comments regarding his new hairstyle.

Viewer Question 02 - Bearded Face

Brian addresses a question from Twitter regarding his mangy beard-face.

Viewer Question 03 - Performance Shakes

Brian drops some tips and gives context on a viewer's email on performance shakes.

Viewer Question 04 - Rodents Can Be Rugged

Brian gets some feedback on his face.

Viewer Question 05 - Approaching People

Brian offers some advise to a viewer who emailed in about approaching people to perform to.

Viewer Question 06 - Half-Stache!

Brian gets some innovative facial hair suggestions from Facebook.

Great Quotes

  • Brian - "I think you're great, kind of like this half-stache. Is he rugged, or is he not? I don't know, it's dashing. It's a mystery. Half-stache... I'm like a private investigator. Half-stache is on the case!"

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