Best. BBLiveShow. Ever.

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Best. BBLiveShow. Ever.
Number 33
Broadcast Date July 8, 2009
Episode Length 1:53:53
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Brett Rounsaville
Guests Jay Brushwood

Best. BBLiveShow. Ever. claims to be the best episode of the BBLiveShow. There needs no explaining. Just watch it.


And cue picture

Opening video: Super Keyboard Cat Bros.

After plugging each other and their shows, the first Adobeshop Contest with the prize of Brian's fire eating book.

One of the pictures was rather pimptactular leading to the creation of Brett's show Ahh, pimping. To start it off, second assignment was made where chat room was asked to make promotional material. Also a new BBLiveShow iTunes image was found.

Finalists of first round were:


  • Family Photo (55.06%) (by Dodd Vickers)
  • Fantasy island (28.09%)
  • Cats and Chang (11.24%)
  • Princess Chang ladyboy (5.618%)


  • MC Chang Album Cover (13.21%)
  • Chang @ the playboy mansion (42.45%)
  • Bill gates mugshot (44.34%)

However Chang @ the playboy mansion had the host's votes, making it the winner.

In the second round was the promotional material for Brett's new show Ahh, Pimping. The winners were Ahh Pimping, the quarterly publication and then PBS version of Ahh Pimping. "With a thumbs up for Roger Chang's rear entry." Also the twitter account @ahhpimping was registered.

New Champions! Woo!

  • First usage of "New Champion! Woo!"
  • First appearance of "Ahh, pimping"

Great Quotes

  • Jay (preshow on mic): "I'm going to go and put on a shirt"
  • Justin: "...the picture Brian surely has queued up to show right now."
    Brian: "You know I, Actually I don't you know why? Because we forgot our most important guest because I mean..."
    Justin (at the same time): "Go, go, go, go. And cue. And cue the picture. And we're live to picture. And the picture goes now."
    Jay: "Roll picture"
    Justin: "Apparently I'm being told that there's no picture ready, is that right?"
    Brett: "In fact, it, no there's no picture and It may in fact be a moth"
  • Brett: "Ahh, the pimping!"
  • Brett: "I believe you will find that although the Master P level did have it's merits in the blings categories, it did not however comprise to set the standard for the backdrops on which we see on all of these blings"
  • Justin (after Brian and Jay were laughing at a picture long before showing it): "I don't love it."
    Brett: "I think both you and Jay might have oversold it."
    Brian: "Ok, I will not in anyway sell or indicate this next one is humorous at all"
    Justin: "New champion, New champion! Woo!"
  • Brett: "I don't believe that hoes can upgrade to pimp status"
  • Brett: "Sir. I may not know art, but I know what I like."
    Long pause
    Everybody: "Ahhh, Pimping!"
  • Justin: "Can we have a new segment on the show called "That's Racist!"?"
  • Justin: "If you won't do it for us, do it for tits!"
  • Brett (reading from adobeshop): "Aaahh Pimping, with today's guests we have Mr. Snoop Dogg, we have the WWE's The Godfather and of course Hollywood's most famous madam, Heidi Fleiss. Today's topic: Pimpng... is it Easy?"



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Best. BBLiveShow. Ever.
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