Best Bad Case Scenario

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Best Bad Case Scenario
Number 2531
Broadcast Date JULY 7, 2015
Episode Length 38:11
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Patrick Beja, Jennie Josephson

Patrick Beja joins the show to talk about whether we want wearables to control our moods. And whether we think they can. Plus Jennie Josephson weighs in on the Instagram-Bieber’s Butt issue.



The BBC has announced the BBC micro:bit – a pocket-sized, code-able computer. TechCrunch says the BBC Micro:bit features 25 red LEDs, two programmable buttons, an on-board motion detector/accelerometer, a built-in compass, Bluetooth Smart Technology, Five Input and Output (I/O) rings to connect the micro:bit to devices or sensors using crocodile clips or 4mm banana plugs - which by the waym can be used to connect to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. BBC micro:bit is programmable via software on a dedicated website ( that can be accessed from a PC, tablet or mobile. Up to 1 million devices will be given to every 11 or 12 year old child in year 7 or equivalent across the UK, for free, then the design will be licensed to third parties to manufacture.
Bloomberg reports Samsung’s operating income fell 4 percent in Q2 to 6.9 trillion won, missing analysts estimates. Samsung Galaxy S6 sales were disappointing and S6Edge shortages could not keep up with demand. Operating profit in the consumer electronics division dropped likely due to decreased demand for TVS. Earnings from the semiconductor unit was about 3.2 trillion won.
The Verge reports that Microsoft is offering five $100,000 grants that come with a pair of HoloLens dev kits. The goal is to see independent groups develop things like computing like data visualization, mixed-reality art installations, or teaching applications. Microsoft will accept submissions through the beginning of September, with university and non-profit researchers eligible for the grants. Awards will be announced in October. reports that samsung announced 2TB versions of its 850 Evo and 850 Pro SSDs. The new 2TB versions use samsung’s 3D vertical NAND technology and have the same 7-millimeter, 2.5-inch aluminum case as their predecessors with plans to expand the lineup to include mSATA and M.2 form factors in the future. The 2TB 850 Evo is priced at $799.99 while the Pro version will set you back $999.99 and is available in 50 countries.
The New York Times reports that thirteen of the world's most notable cryptographers and security specialists released a paper that concludes there is no viable technical solution that would allow the American and British governments to gain "exceptional access" to encrypted communications without putting that data in danger. The authors include Whitfield Diffie, Ronald L. Rivest, Harold Abelson, Peter G. Neumann, Bruce Scheier and Susan Landau FBI Director James B. Comey Jr. and Deputy Attorney General and Sally Quillian Yates, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the risks of new encryption technology to law enforcement and investigation.
TechCrunch reports Jolla, the maker of Sailfish OS will split into two companies. Jolla Ltd. will develop and license the Sailfish OS with board chairman Dr. Antti Saarnio in charge. A future unnamed business will build devices for privacy-aware consumers and corporations, which may include multi-OS devices. Former CEO Tomi Pienimäki, has been appointed to a new position “outside the company.” Jolla will make announcements about Indian partnerships at Mobile World Congress Shanghai next week.
Tech Crunch reports that French startup OpenClassrooms is launching the first State-recognized bachelor's degree in France that relies exclusively on massive open online courses AKA MOOCs The program is in conjunction with French school IESA multimedia and offers three learning paths in engineering, design, and digital marketing. The course takes on average, a year to complete and cost 300 euros a month, a significant discount from the 6950 euros per year to get the same degree in person at IESA multimedia.
TechCrunch reports Indian Music service Saavn has raised $100 million and plans to expand into video. CEO Rishi Malhotra said “The exciting thing about the market is that we can be part Spotify, part Pandora, and part Netflix.” Saavn will try to succeed in taking advantage of the relationship between new albums and Bollywood films. Something rival Hungama has also been attempting.

News From You

There is a new version of OpenSSL that will be released Thursday July 9th patching a “high severity” vulnerability. Graham Cluley points out that the Heartbleed vulnerability has made folks jumpy about OpenSSL patches which is why few details about the vulnerability are being announced ahead of the patch.
Submitted by sparelollipop and starfuryzeta
MarketWatch reports that Apple Watch sales have fallen 90% since opening week according to market analysis firm Slice Intelligence. Apple is selling around 10-20,000 watches a day compared to 200,000 a day during launch week. An estimated 2/3 of watches sold are the Sport Watch. Slice based its research on electronic receipts emailed to participants.
Submitted by StrikitRich


Pick of the Day

So I'm sure some of the android listeners most likely use pocketcasts, I know I do because it is probably one of the best podcast players in the android sphere. But did you know that there is also an integrated web player for this app? So let's say that you want to save the battery on your phone/tablet just go to - and log in, there will be all you're played and unplayed podcasts. It saves the spot just like the apps, so you can quickly go to it for listening to the end of that DTNS or Phileas Club (btw Patrick, when is the next one?) without touching your phone. When your done on the computer, just go back to pocketcasts app on your phone and it will be synced to where you left it for that portable enjoyment.

So far the only downside is that they haven't created playlists on the web app, but I sent this as a recommendation to the team and they said it's something they're looking into.

It's a great feature, and one that isn't widely known about! But that's just my $0.02, because podcasts should never stop, and tech never sleeps.
Submitted by BigJim



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