Betterlection Day

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Betterlection Day
Number 48
Broadcast Date November 2, 2010
Episode Length 1:05:54
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Dr. Kiki, OMG Chad

OMGChad's sordid history, Who's more science?, the Betternet elections, and more


Opening video: First batch of election ads.

Who's more science?

Dr. Kiki is being confirmed as the science advisor of Bonearth. If she does not pass the test then the job would fall to OMG Chad.

Bold indicates correct answer
VS. Dr. Kiki's choice Correct?
Dr. J Doctor Doom Doctor Doom Incorrect
Abraham Lincoln George Washington Carver George Washington Carver Correct
Lady Gaga Lady
(Lady and the Tramp)
Lady Correct
George Lucas Luke Perry George Lucas Incorrect
Randy Newman Randy "Macho man" Savage Randy "Macho man" Savage Correct
Lightning Round
Your first kiss San Francisco Riots
(the night before)
Your first kiss Correct
Orson Welles Oregon Trail Orson Welles Incorrect
Uranium-238 CB4 Uranium-238 Correct
Barrack Obama Bo Derek Barrack Obama Incorrect
A dragon A dragon with a lightning bolt coming out of it's mouth A dragon with a lightning bolt coming out of it's mouth Correct
Final Round
Darkwing Duck Thomas Jefferson Darkwing Duck Correct

The game ended with Dr. Kiki becoming the science advisor and second batch of election ads were played.

OMG Chad answering allegations

OMG Chad sets fire to Jonny Zavant's place

Several very disturbing pictures have come to light featuring Chad. He had to explain why he appeared in them. He redeemed himself, keeps his job as Bonearth press secretary and third batch of election ads were played.


After sponsor break and fourth batch of election ads, it was time for the great debate hosted by Dr. Kiki. When all the votes were tallied, the final result was the Horseboy/Fapper ticket narrowly beating out Brian and leading Justin by a significant margin.


Justin tells everyone about how their beautiful templates, easy editing tools, stable uptime and many other features help him build his new project "Hot times in the city". When Brian asked what the project was about, it was about him throwing hot coffee in the face of random people walking on the streets.

New Champion! Woo!

Great Quotes

  • "This is clearly a photoshop, I mean a photo" - Brian
  • "A fun parade? I mean maybe if the confetti were chunks of brain and skull from J. F. Kennedy" - Justin
  • "Get the hell off! You're dumb. Stop it. Stop calling." - Justin


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Fun Facts

  • During the whole episode, Justin had problems with his camera being lost.






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