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Biocow's Twitter Avatar. (Place holder for now.)
Born Earth, specifically above ground
Known For Taking a joke too far

Biocow is a relatively new member of <> and Chatrealm. He is also a Co-Executive Producer of Daily Tech News Show.

In early 2014 he was bored at work and wanted to watch one of his favorite podcasts, Daily Tech News Show, live and contribute in the chat room. He logged in and was warmly greeted. Since that time he has become a regular viewer of other Diamond Club shows such as CordKillers, Diamond Dialogue and Night Attack.

Chatrealm Feud

Biocow came up with the concept for Chatrealm Feud, a game which has been played on Night Attack twice so far, which involves polling Chatrealm on a number of questions then having the hosts/guests try to guess the most popular answers.

Episodes featuring Chatrealm Feud