Blood eSport

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Blood eSport
Number 2372
Broadcast Date NOVEMBER 24, 2014
Episode Length 33:48
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Nicole Spag

Nicole Spag is on the show. We’ll explain what we know about the Regin spyware and how video game blood can help the Red Cross.



Symantec released a whitepaper report detailing a sophisticated piece of spyware called Regin that was active from 2008-2011 and reappeared in 2013. Regin is a platform of unknown origin and not even all its pieces have been discovered. Its infection method is a mystery although one instance of using Yahoo Instant Messenger as a vector was documented. It allows for customization based on the targets and can employe Remote Access Trojans, keyloggers, screenshots and basically every bad thing you can think of. It has mostly been discovered in Russia and Saudi Arabia and mostly targets individuals, small businesses and telecoms. Kaspersky also released their findings on Regin including evidence that it may have been responsible for the attack on researcher Jean-Jacque Quisquater.
TechCrunch reports Samsung Galaxy S5 sales have underpeformed expectations by about 40% this year. The Wall Street Journal reports Samsung may demote Mobile Leader and Co-CEO JK Shin back to just head of the mobile unit. That would put Co-CEO and head of home appliance and TV, BK Soon supervising mobile as well. Samsung’s third co-CEO Kwon Oh-hyon would remain overseeing the semiconductor and display panel business. Markets like China have been seeing sales of Samsung mobile devices fall.
The Verge reports T-Mobile added new services to its zero-rating of music services. Google Play Music Xbox Music, Live365, and SoundCloud are among the 14 services added to T-Mobile’s Music Freedom feature. T-Mobile says its goal is to include every streaming music service in the program. The plan exempts music services from counting against T-Mobile’s monthly data limits.
Apple Insider reports that downloads from Apple’s iOS App store reached an all time high of 7.8 million downloads per day in October. Mobile tracking firm Fisku crunched the numbers and found a 42 percent increase from the previous month among the top 200 free iOS apps tracked by the company. I think you all know why this happened in October. Apple released its iPhone 6, 6 Plus and a new operating system iOS 8.
Engadget points out the Torrent Freak article that watchmakers Omega, Panerai, Swatch and Tissot are sending takedown requests to sites hosting smartwatch faces that allegedly violate “trademark, copyright and design rights”. Fighting watch face piracy has just begun people. And remember one lost watch sale due to watch face piracy can mean thousands of dollars. If the one watch cost thousands of dollars.

News From You

Creative has announced that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will now require all of their grant-funded research to be made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (CC BY) This means that Gates Foundation materials must be discoverable and accessible online, immediately and without an embargo period and that the data underlying published research will also be immediately open. The goal, according to a Gates Foundation spokesperson, is to speed up the sharing of data that might help other scientists and health experts. The new policy takes effect January 1, 2015, but there will be a two year transition period for research which is in the process of being published in expensive medical journals with embargo restrictions.
Submitted by metalfreak
Engadget reports that the same filings that revealed Ford, Bank of America and Visa were meeting with the FCC about net neutrality show some more expected companies meeting as well. Cisco CEO John Chambers called Wheeler to endorse proposed net neutrality rules earlier this year. Chief Comcast lobbyist Kathy Zachem, meanwhile, gave the FCC’s top lawyer advance notice of Republican objections to the proposal. Wheeler also spoke with current NCTA president and former FCC chair Michael Powell. The anit-Wheeler. as Wheeler is former NCTA president and NOW FCC Chair. Very cozy ain’t it?
Submitted by johnsie776
The Verge repeats a WSJ report that the FAA’s forthcoming rules on commercial use of drones would require all operators to have a pilot’s license and limit operations to daylight hours. Pilots would also have to operate the drones below 400 feet and within line of sight at all times. The rules would apply to commercial use of drones no matter what the size or weight.
Submitted by spsheridan
USA today reports that Apple and Bono are collaborating again on RED,for a two-week charity campaign. Apple and RED have teamed up regularly since the red edition of the iPod Nano back in 2006. This time Apple approached the designers of some of its most popular app-store purchase to see if they would modify their apps to raise money for RED, Bono’s charity which fights the spread of HIV/AIDS. First time downloaders of the apps will see their money go directly to RED; those who’ve already purchased the app will be able to make in-game purchases to support RED.
Submitted by starfuryzeta
The Wall Street Journal reports that movie rental company Redbox is raising the rental price of a DVD by at least 25% as of December 2nd. A one night rental of a DVD will now cost $1.50. That’s right. THIRTY WHOLE CENTS! The price of a one night Blu-Ray rental will increase 33% to $2 a night. Redbox will also launch a recommendation engine similar to help customers pick a movie, and they plan on more efficient stocking of machines (aka fewer choices).
Submitted by F1Ben


Pick of the Day

Cartoon conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories from your favorite cartoons when you were a kid! Like was sponge bob squarepants and friends created from a weapon bomb testing to did the flintstones and jetsons live at the same time period ? This series goes over the facts, to find out the truth, even from the writers / creators themselves.
Submitted by Rob Jennings



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