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Number 229
Broadcast Date July 12, 2018
Episode Length 01:32:11
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Mikey Neumann

A pivotal pup-date, Brian's very specific connection to Command & Conquer, plus Mikey Neumann is back with a devilish quiz! Seven-Acre-Brushwood!

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The Garden of Pre-Show and the Post-Show Delights

Sure they played a Mikey Quiz during the show, but you know what they did in the post-show? An entirely different Mikey Quiz. This is why you want the pre-show and post-show in your own RSS feed from


Brian told us about closing the deal, the release of command and conquer, actually closing on the deal for Modern Rogue World Headquarters. Yes it's true a tremendous amount of money has been spent and property acquired. Turns out it involved robes and chanting and stuff. Technically the title would change hands on the coming friday (note: it did)

Amazingly, despite "the closing is where the fuckery all happens" apparently no fuckery happened. Good job, team.

Brian has an infatuation with getting a split-flap display for the new Modern Rogue World Headquarters. Friend of the show Anthony Carboni found a company that makes split-flap boards. Wow that's a lot of money. Also they have no actual products, come back in 2019.

The Adventures of Brian and his Dad

Remember how a couple of weeks ago the entire Brushwood clan was in Hawaii? During part of the visit Brian and his dad were walking down the street and were potentially approached by a prostitute. Hello.

Well, were they really a prostitute? Maybe they were just friendly. Hello.

Also they saw a silent rave.


It's true. You can support the show at and if you do, you potentially could be the star of the name chant corner hour it's an hour of it like LIZ. Liz knows who she is, and wrote a nice letter. Thank you, Liz.

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Mikey Neumann's Fortnite Quiz

Subscribe to Mikey's FilmJoy on the youtubes. It's a ten question "real or not real" for Brant and Jomstin to answer. "Is this a real Top 100 Fortnite streamer" This is their Fortnite name, which may or may not be their twitch name.

  • "Simple Damian" Brian said real, Justin said real. It is NOT REAL.
  • "Ninjam12" Justin said fake, Brian said real. It is NOT REAL.
  • "Cizzorz" Brian said real, Justin said real. It is REAL. (they were actually playing during the show, only 7800 viewers though)
  • "FaZe Cloakzy" Justin said real, Brian said fake. It is REAL.
  • "BrapBrapSauuuuuce" (5 u's) Justin said real, Brian said real. It is NOT REAL.
  • "AmazingZachary123" Brian said real, Justin said fake. It is REAL.
  • "FaZe Kinkzz" Brian said real, Justin said fake. It is NOT REAL.
  • "Tortilla Taco Seasoning" Justin said real, Brian said fake. It is NOT REAL.
  • "murderislegal" Brian said real, Justin said real. It is NOT REAL.
  • "Kit Katastrophe" Justin said fake, Brian said real. It is NOT REAL.

Justin wins! This prompted an appearance by the devil.

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Movie Draft Minute

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Diamond Time

Quotable Quotings

  • "This is one of those episodes that starts with a flashback" "More like flash bang though, am I right?" - Justin and Brian
  • "JAM SLUNT!" - Justin
  • "I know that Faze is a clan, they all live in a house together" - Justin
  • "I'm not a fan of seven-acre Brian" - Justin

"Fun" Facts

  • Brian claims he has not killed anyone in Fortnite yet, for a year of trying.
  • Mikey and Bonnie both have blindness in one eye, thus ruining 3D movies.
  • Bit Leader this week was jordandemoss.


Preshow & Aftershow

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