Bravo Bravo Bravo

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Bravo Bravo Bravo
Number 227
Broadcast Date June 19, 2018
Episode Length 01:08:39
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

Brian is calling direct from beautiful Hawaii to share stories from the island, the floating tin can, plus a brow-furrowing pup-date.

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You missed it in the preshow

In the preshow, we saw mic testing in a beautiful park, and Brian and Bonnie almost busted by the cops (not really, officer). Also an appearance by Brian Pushbroom. In the aftershow? Why it was just another awesome extended episode of Video Games with Bryce. Want the preshow and the aftershow? Join

Why, Kiki?

Brian and Bonnie are live from a beautiful park in Waikiki, Hawaii. It's a whole family affair with the Brushwood Children, Jay Brushwood, and the rest of the family.

Also they got there via a Cruise Ship! Have you been on a cruise ship? Brian describes it as "waiting in lines, the game" which is not his bag, baby.

Brian has sleeping problems, so being on the giant bucket on the ocean that could - at least in his mind - sink beneath the surface at any moment doesn't really help. Also what doesn't help is being awoken in the to the alarm call of Bravo Bravo Bravo which means anything from "the boat is on fire and we're all gonna die" to "someone broke a hangnail" depending on who you talk to.

Thankfully everyone survived. Hooray for professionalism! Otherwise Brian's cause of death would literally be "in 2018 a boat sank."

By the way, internet on a cruise? $30 for 30 minutes, $50 a day, or $250 for five days. Yowzers.

During the cruise, there was, wait for it, a magician! Brian and some of the family went to see the magician, although some of the kids were of the opinion that once you've had one magician for a dad you've seen them all. This magician was doing a stab-hand trick and at the beginning of the trick showed a montage of people stabbing themselves. This would all be normal but the first one was Brian! It was Brian's fake-hand-stab viral video from literal decades ago that still makes the rounds as "guy stabs his hand" (the trick is that good). It was all good. Brian met with the magician later and he recognized him as Brian Brushwood and said the video was so good he had to use it even though it was fake, was it okay he didn't get permission first?


They started the patreon plug, but actually never got to the namechant. But it's okay, they did the namechant... in the aftershow! Get the preshow and aftershow by being a patron,

Oh, but if you are a patron, you got the exclusive audio of the trip from San Diego to LA in the car with Brian Justin and Bryce. Including Brian jumping out of the car at the Del Taco drive thru to get a drink. Can you imagine.

Also, subscribe and bit it up at There was an extended twitch pile-on in the aftershow as well.


Banks, amirite? Apparently the financing with the bank previously talked about fell through due to something about renovations. I don't know, I am but a humble show notes taker and know nothing of Escrow. Light them banks on fire. There was a photo of the classic "Brian melts down on the phone as bank dicks him around" pose shown.

Like lots of things it all works out though. Things are still on track, just with different banking institutions. Note: "hard money lender" doesn't sound like a great thing.

All this stress has caused Brian to not tweet as much.

I Lava You, Too

One of Bonnie's goals on a chart at home is "poke lava with a stick", and now they're in Hawaii and there's lava! It's great. Oh wait except theres too much lava, you can't go near it and poke it with pointy sticks. Instead they got a boat ride in the night past the lava which was Brian described as "like Mordor" in a spectacular sight.

Diamond Time

Wait, only one Diamond Time submission? Step up yo game, son.

The Movie Draft

DTNS, still in the lead! I'm not writing anything here about all this! See it all at

Quoted Quotes

  • "That's me! That's my video!" - Brian, to the bartender.
  • "That dog looks like sneakers" - a squirrel Brian telling a different story
  • "Does Brian still have a scar from that?" - Audience member, referencing the video
  • "Now I get to go to my pencil-neck, fuckwad, bespectacled, boffin asshole of a boss" - Justin describing how banks work
  • "All I wanted was to see lava, now I can't see lava, because there's too much Lava" - Bonnie, as recounted by Brian

Fun Facts

  • Bonnie smuggled booze into the park in a bottle covered with a kid's sock.


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!


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