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Number 228
Broadcast Date July 05, 2018
Episode Length 01:30:25
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Mike TV,Trey Warren

It's the 500th one of these! We're joined by MikeTV (and Trey Warren!) live in Austin to bring a musical flair to "Who-cci Gang?" I'm a writer.

Check out MikeTV live on tour:

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Oh man what did you miss

Patrons get the pre-show and post-show early. This week in the post-show, special guest Vinny Grasso called in, who was just on "Penn and Teller Fool Us" for the second time. I fooled them naked, I didn't know that would become my thing

500 Shows! Probably!

Were you keeping count? If you go back to the first episode of BBLIVE Show, and all the NSFW Shows and Night Attack shows, tonight is episode 500. Justin started around episode 3.


They are so close to the end of closing on Modern Rogue World Headquarters that they don't even know what could happen now.

  • Are all the hurdles cleared, pre closing? YES
  • Can we poop on the property? UNDETERMINED
  • When are you closing? LESS THAN ONE WEEK FROM NOW
  • How would you describe your mood? DETATCHED.
  • Do you want radio silence from the community? I DON'T FUCKIN' KNOW!

In-Studio Guests!

In the studio is not only musical genius Mike TV, but he also brought along Super Trey Warren. Mike TV is going on tour! Go see Mike TV on tour! He is going to a lot of different places including Europe.

Right out the gate, Mike and Trey sing a song with Brian about pooping at MRHQ.

They all watched "Crazy Bitch Wedding March"

Mike is basing his tour on his popularity on and If you signed up with those saying you want Mike TV to play near you, well you're gonna get your wish, don't let Mike down.


Are you a patron? You get the preshow and the aftershow in your own RSS feed. With that you would have gotten the latest episode of Videogames with Toni B. Casti that was in last week's aftershow.

If you raise, or are a new pledge, you quite possibly could be shouted out in the traditional Name Chant Corner Hour like TIM PEQUIGNOT.

Also you can subscribe at and bit it up during the bit it up minute and get your name shouted out in hilarious fashion.

Salute to 'We Have Concerns'

It's a show that's not Night Attack, but We have Concerns with Jeff Cannata and Anthony Carboni just ended their show after 600 episodes. woo!

Whooci Game

It's a game from Kappi! The game is easy, try and figure out what these terms from mean.

  • Weld. Brian said it was a song about Bill Weld, Governor. Justin said it's when you jizz on your leg and put your hand on it. Mike and Trey said it's when you stick two pieces of metal together with heat in the inner city. Justin probably got the points.
  • Seatbelt. Justin and Brian elected to get a clue first. Mike and Trey said it's when you choking someone out while taking them from behind. After hearing the clue, Justin said it's when you tuck your partial boner behind your belt sitting down in class. Brian said the same thing but full boner. Brian and Justin got a point apiece.
  • Mudflap. Mike and Trey it's when you have toilet paper stuck to your butt after taking a poop. Justin said it was "dat ass doe." Brian elected to get a clue. Brian said it's when your butt cheeks flap farting and taking a poop. Mike and Try got points.
  • Purple Heart. Brian said it's slapping your dick on someone's chest. Justin took option for a clue. Mike and Trey said it's when you're jerking off and squeeze real hard and then you go to a church and say "look at my purple heart." Justin said when you drink and leave your cans all over the place. People were encouraged to go to the Modern Rogue episode where they actually did this and leave a comment about the purple heart.
  • Shitup. Justin took the option for a clue. Mike and Trey say it's shitting yourself while working out. Brian said when a baby appears to fart but actually shits their pants. Well adults too why not. Justin said it was when you did a situp into someone else's butt. Justin got a point, and Mike and Trey got a point. Also Bryce got a point because Brian complained.
  • Necktie. Mike and Trey took a clue. Brian said it's when you slice a throat and pull the tongue out to look like a necktie. Justin said it's when your jerking off and jizz on your neck and it looks like a necktie on your chest as a "gushing cum river" or maybe a bolo style. Mike and Trey said it was strangling. Brian probably got the points.
  • TFTI. Mike and Trey said "Thanks for the Invite." Brian said "That Fucker That Internet." Justing said "The Friendly Titty Tiddy Inspector" Mike and Trey got it!

Mike and Trey win the game!

Do you have a game idea? Send it to and you could win a sticker pack from

Diamond Time

Don't forget that Contender

The Contender, Justin and friend's game about presidential debate is on sale. Use offer code "Rockets" (note: may not need to use code).

The Movie Draft

With special guest announcer Big Voice Jay. DTNS, still in the lead! Lots of details at

Bit Leaderboard

A new feature, who was the biggest twitch bit donater during the show? YOURMANJEFF. Congratulations YOURMANJEFF and thanks for your support.

Quotable Quotings

  • "I too, am trepidatious" - Mike TV
  • "Extraordinary erotic asphixiation" - Justin
  • "I'm a writer" - Justin, after describing "undulating endless rivers of cum"
  • "I'm texting somebody... not about this" - Brian, using his phone during the game

"Fun" Facts

  • Both Mike TV and Trey Warren were in the studio


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!


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