Burnt Fields Policy

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Burnt Fields Policy
Number 22
Broadcast Date June 2, 2014
Episode Length 1:04:47
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Jeff Cannata

Justin.TV kills its archive, Why YouTube is still the most popular video source on the Web, and whether DVDs or streaming video are better you. Plus, Tom reviews the Tablo.


Opening Video

Primary Target

Justin.TV deleting all archived video starting next week. You have until June 8 to save your videos.
More than half of the archived live broadcasts it has have no more than one view. The "vast majority" have fewer than ten total views. After looking at the data, the company decided that "it’s quite clear ... viewers come to Justin.tv because they want to consume content and interact with their communities in real-time."

Secondary Target

March 2014 survey by nScreenMedia that was charted by Statista in US.
48% of time spent viewing on the Internet spent on YouTube
22% on Netflix, 8% Hulu

Signals Intelligence

Research paper published at IOP Science
Emissions and energy consumption higher altogether for DVDs over streaming, barely
DISCS: Transportation of discs, DVD players, Televisions
STREAMING: storage servers, transmission equipment, set-top box and TV
DVDs rented by mail actually more efficient than streaming.
Streaming just above DVDs bought through mail, slightly above sriving to a store and buying, and much better than driving to a store and renting

Gear Up

Very slow in tuning and finding channels
No DVR controls yet
Great accessibility and better guide interface than most
Really good channel pickup compared to TiVo (in same location)
Two tuners For $230….. Not sure. You can get a more powerful 4-tuner TiVo ROAMIO for $170 these days.

Under surveillance

Photos leaked to TMZ show real buildings and creatures
Star Wars has added 12 Years a Slave breakout star Lupita Nyong'o and Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie

Front Lines

It has already been announced to be on Microsoft, Yahoo and Verizon products. Apps for iOS, Android, Windows devices and "select" game consoles are also set to be ready from day one. NFL NOw lets viewers build customized channels of be original content, press conferences, productions from each league team, highlights and on-demand game replays.
Reuters says their source says Verizon is losing interest in the service. Huggers said “"There were no conflicts at all. The technology is great, the team is great, the future is secure, the dream lives on. It's time to hand the baby over to someone else.” A Verizon spokesman said “We intend to strategically utilize the OnCue technology and talent going forward to grow our business. That has not changed." Which one is lying?
Viewers who could pay for the games without subscribing to ESPN itself. So is this ESPN bucking the system, or ESPN just taking over MLS streaming service for it while adding more soccer games to its cable bundle?
Combining personal media playback with Miracast. It’s $100 and doesn’t come with Netflix. Who does that?

2014 Summer Movie Draft

  • draft.diamondclub.tv
  • 1 DTNS: $417,196,751
  • 2 TMS: $332,104,409
  • 3 Amtrekker: $195,289,770
  • 4 /Film: $192,735,902
  • 5 GodsMoneybags: $154,077,657
  • 6 Night Attack: $29,350,839

On Screen

Dispatches From The Front

My 89 year old father has been paying $280/month for his and my 69 year old mother's Comcast account (he's been paying this amount for about 5 years) - I was recently able to get his bill lowered by about $100/month by adding Comcast Voice to his plan as well as getting them on a "loyalty plan" (they've been with Comcast since the late 80's). Even though the discount will only last for 2 years, my father is ecstatic that his bill has gone down.


I am, and have been a Cordkillers supporter from the beginning and before that a supporter of Frame Rate. I love the show and I am very happy that as time has progressed the video quality has improved.
I am wondering if you could bring out some merchandise to help us promote the show i.e. T-shirts, hats,...etc


Hey Guys,
Some spoilerin' suggestions in no order
Silicon Valley
Venture Brothers (season one is on Netflix)
Black Mirror (good luck)
Brasseye (YouTube)
NATHAN BARLEY is on YouTube and you MUST WATCH it! or RE:watch it
if you watch anything, Nathan Barley, all the episodes should be on YouTube
re watch After Hours or King of Comedy
ok, more later,
spoilerin' suggesterin'




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