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C. Thomas Kennybrook is a fan of Scam School and BBLiveShow who created the Adobeshop of A toddler beating on a drum which Brian Brushwood used in many BBLiveShow episodes since the early days of the show. (...before "Adobeshop" was even a term in use.)

Not long after creating the Adobeshopped image, he disappeared. A year later, Brian found out why. It turns out that he joined the Peace Corps and spent a year in the Dominican Republic, living with people in a small village with very little in the way of modern conveniences. In a letter to Brian in early 2010, he wrote that the village people were throwing a celebration in his honor on his final night. To entertain them, he performed some tricks which he learned from Scam School. His audience did not react as expected. One of the elders explained why.

"Your tricks are very good, but we have seen them many times before on the internet. Most of us go to La Vega every few months. We always go to the library and use the computers. One of the children found a great American show called Scam School. Maybe you watch it too when you get back to your home and one day be much better magician."

He discovered that Mr. Happy Pants was named "El Diablo de Mano" there and that people in the village were big fans.

Apparently other Peace Corps volunteers would take an iPod into La Vega, load it up with shows like Scam School and The Totally Rad Show, and bring it back to show to the village in order to expose them to contemporary American culture.