Call Me Lando

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Call Me Lando
Number 204
Broadcast Date November 12, 2013
Episode Length 1:13:13
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Bonnie Brushwood, Ashley Paramore

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY CRAP, this is a good one! Brian's wife Bonnie, and Justin's totally platonic female roommate, Ashley are here to play a game of I Said WHAT?!


Opening Video

fat guy tiddy shaking


Last week, Brian and Justin were disappointed that Night Attack (Live) didn't make it onto the Billboard charts. Well, literally 24 hours after they recorded the episode, they showed up at #1. HOORAY!


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I Said WHAT!?

Brian and Justin say some pretty weird shit during the show and they almost immediately forget it. So it's Chatrealm's job to go back and find some weird quotes, then Bonnie and Ashley have to guess if it was Brian or Justin who said it.

1. "He'll never lose this stink. There is future gigs he'll never get because they found out how bad his movie tanked."

  • Ashley's Guess: Justin
  • Bonnie's Guess: Brian
    • Correct answer: Brian

2. "It's actually so boring I wanna fall asleep on our own show six years later."

  • Bonnie's Guess: Justin
    • Correct answer: Justin

3. "Shakespears's drunk!"

  • Ashley's Guess: Brian
    • Correct answer: Justin

4. "I'm not gonna go on defense. Screw you."

  • Bonnie's Guess: Brian
    • Correct answer: Brian

5. "So you're pulling out and your wife's like 'What's with the filling?'"

  • Bonnie's Guess: Justin
    • Correct answer: Brian

6. "I’m gonna say, you need to do a transxual valley girl."

  • Ashley's Guess: Justin
    • Correct answer: Brian

7. "Why would a gay guy force his fake girlfriend to pull a vehicle?"

  • Bonnie's Guess: Justin
    • Correct answer: Justin


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Vagina Paul

In the preshow, Brian was given a video of Paul McCartney talking about One Direction and Miley Cyrus.


Justin just got back from a GoGame trip to Singapore. It was rad.

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