Can YOU solve The Petals Around the Rose?

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Can YOU solve The Petals Around the Rose?
Number 159
Broadcast Date March 30, 2011
Episode Length 13:46
Hosts Brian Brushwood

The classic puzzle that stumped Bill Gates!

Revision3 Summary

There exists in this world a secret order, a legendary group of intellectuals and savants known as the Potentates of the Rose. Their ways are shrouded in mystery. All that we can know for sure is that they know something you don't know. And for once, we're not going to spoil it for you. Watch the video and figure it out for yourself. Cheaters will be stoned.






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Next Week

Next week, very important, we are going to be learning to remember what it was we're doing next week.

Great Quote

Fun Facts

  • This is Roger Chang's third Scam School appearance.
  • Filmed at The Abbey Tavern
  • There are a number of graphics errors in this episode that contradict the correct solution.



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Can YOU solve The Petals Around the Rose?
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