Cat Trash Fever

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Cat Trash Fever
Number 38
Broadcast Date August 25, 2010
Episode Length 57:27
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Casey McKinnon

This week, Casey McKinnon joins the show to help out with some of the biggest PR nightmares in pop culture and the internet.


Due to scheduling conflicts with Brian’s college tour and TWiT’s programming schedule, the show started at 11:30 pm EDT. This caused the pre show to seem a lot more like a drunken and rowdy after show. There was a lot of talk about sex and pitpubes.

Opening video

Brian wanted to play Cee-lo Green’s “Fuck You”, but trying to be family friendly, he played the censored version on top of the uncensored youtube video. This was great, minus the fact that Brian had to cut away when obscenities were shown on the video. Of course Brian missed some obscenities and he quickly got scared and stopped the video and music and went into the show.

Secrets or BS

A recycled game from the 2nd NSFW episode of the same name.

1. Lauren: Her cousin brought pot brownies to their family reunion of about 40 people and her aunts and uncles seemed unusually mellow after a while

  • Casey guessed secret
  • Brian guessed secret
  • They are both ‘’correct!’’

2. Ryan: Over the summer he earned a $100 bill from his father for doing chores around the house, but like an idiot he lost it. About a week later, Ryan found the bill in a pile of dog shit in his backyard. He then cleaned it off and spent it.

  • Brian guessed secret
  • Casey guessed secret
  • They are both ‘’incorrect!’’

3. Rachel: Went to SantaCon (a pub crawl, dressed as Santa) and went home with a random Santa. The next day, she was forced into a walk of shame into work as a defiled Mrs. Clause

Brian loses the game yet again

Are You Smarter Than the Chatrealm?

Justin asks a question to both Casey and the chatrealm and the first one to say the right answer get the point; however the chatrealm has to have at least 3 people say the correct answer in a row, in order to gain the point.

Practice question: Which late night host said that President Obama will have plenty of time for vacation after his term ends?

  • Correct answer: David Letterman
  • Chatrealm wins
  • First correct answer in the chatrealm: Nofrak

1. The President of which country shot a grey whale with a crossbow?

  • Correct answer: Russia
  • Casey wins
  • First correct answer in the chatrealm: txtchmike_

2. Next to which controversial location, do they want to build a mosque?

  • Correct answer: Ground Zero
  • Casey wins
  • First correct answer in the chatrealm: Mitzula

3. Name, in order, all of the Indiana Jones movies

  • Correct answer: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade and The kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Casey wins
  • First correct answer in the chatrealm: Kuhan

Devil’s Advocacy

There are many indefensible out there, and the hosts must act as a PR agency and show the public that these people aren’t so bad after all.

PR strategy: It was doctored footage! The cat was actually rescued by the woman as seen here! However Casey doesn’t think that it is good enough.

  • Tiger Woods

Go on to Youtube making videos like the Old Spice guy and make jokes about how you have had sex with so many women. Unfortunately, Casey doesn’t like this idea either.

NEW INFORMATION! Evidence was found that Tiger’s wife, Elin, was actually the cat lady. Releasing this information takes care of both of the previous PR nightmares.

  • Mark “Jeff” “Randi” Zuckerberg

Make a movie about Jeff and Randi Zuckerberg, who come out as secret siblings of Mark (Randi being a porn star, that goes by the name “Randi Suckerberg”).

After show

The "brief" aftershow on aftershow feed can be viewed on archives.


Justin started of the read suspiciously, sane and accurate, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if he would take the read into a dark and terrible place. He did. He began to talk about how Squarespace is a great way to get the word out about your drug dealing operation.

New Champion! Woo!

Great Quotes

  • "What an asshole I am" -Justin
  • "Hey, I know you put a cat in a trash can, but I had sex with lots of women" -Brian

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