Cavalcade of "Stars"

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Cavalcade of "Stars"
Number 46
Broadcast Date October 19, 2010
Episode Length 57:26
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Owen JJ Stone, Chad Johnson, Brett Rounsaville

In this episode of NSFW, we play Guess the Hate, it's the return of Blitz Quiz, and Chad Johnson learns that Slackjawed does not mean racist.


Opening Video

The episode opened with a video by SfxPryde. She hopes that NSFW fans will help her win her Hooters Halloween Costume contest.

Guess the Hate

Ohdoctah reads a hate comment on iTunes. Justin and Brian try to guess which podcast is receiving the hate.

"Sure she's hot. But ultimately this podcast is a waste of time."

  • Naked News
  • Webb Alert
  • Hot for Words
    • Brian: Webb Alert
    • Justin: Hot for Words

Correct Answer : Hot for Words

"Yeah - some people have accents. It’s a wee bit cute. It doesn’t warrant an entire podcast, let alone movies and live shows."

  • Flight of the Conchords
  • Scott Mills Daily
  • Russell Brand Radio Show
    • Brian: Flight of the Conchords
    • Justin: Russell Brand Radio Show

Correct Answer: Russell Brand Radio Show

"Everyone was like “OMG this podcast is funny” I got the podcast and guess what: it wasn’t funny. It doesn’t even compare to strong bag it was pointless and not funny at all."

  • Onion News Network
  • Ask Ohdoctah
  • Ask a Ninja
    • Brian: Ask a Ninja
    • Justin - Ask a Ninja

Correct Answer: Ask a Ninja

"Pointless laughters. Pointless conversations among themselves. Total crap. You need to seriously look at your life and check into a doctor if you're into this."

  • ROFL
  • Comedy Death Ray Radio
  • Never Not Funny
    • Brian: Never Not Funny
    • Justin: Comedy Death Ray Radio

Correct Answer: Never Not Funny

"So show some restraint and let people finish what they have to say. Your mouth is too close to the mic. Is your next movie “Super Dumb Me” where your film crew follows you around?"

  • Film Riot
  • Film Volt
  • Doug Loves Movies
    • Brian: Doug Loves Movies
    • Justin: Doug Loves Movies

Correct Answer: Doug Loves Movies

"I want my three minutes back. I didn’t even finish watching the video. I still want them back."

  • Friday Night Cranks
  • Jake and Amir
  • Smosh Videos
    • Brian: Smosh Videos
    • Justin: Jake and Amir

Correct Answer: Smosh Videos

"Come on. There’s so much funnier stuff than this like 4chan (NSFW), Encyclopedia Dramatica (also NSFW). Seriously learn to internet."

  • Dr. Tran
  • Dog tunes
  • The Six Pack
    • Brian: Dr. Tran
    • Justin: Dr. Tran

Correct Answer: Dr. Tran


Chat creates Bonearth in Minecraft. Chad gives a tour. Buildings include: Ohdoctah's clinic, 105.9 The Cat, BBpedia archive, Monument of TWiT, Church of Horseboy, Jury's Jubagel Empire, and more. He has problems keeping himself from Dying In A Fire.

Blitz Quiz

Brian and Justin call listeners to ask them about current events in their Blitz Quiz.

The first Chilean miner was rescued after being underground for how many days? (Answer: 69) Brett Loses

Which President signed the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy into law? (Answer: Clinton) Brian Wins

Which wireless carrier said it would sell Apple’s iPad by the end of the month? (Answer: Verizon) Brett wins

Why did more than half a dozen porn studios have to halt filming this week? (Answer: TPIA: an actor was discovered to be HIV positive) Brian loses

Candidates of which high-profile debates were broadcast everywhere on CNN? (Answer: Delaware) Brett loses

Controversy surrounded Brett Favre. How many pictures of his penis did he text to a female employee of his footy-ball organization? (Answer: 3) Brian loses

Which celebrity couple did not announce a separation last week? (Answer: Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher) Brett wins

Kuhan didn’t answer. Brian loses.

The representative of what fringe party stole the show at last night’s NY debate? (Answer: The "Rent Is Too Damn High" Party)

  • Happybando didn’t take the call at first. Brian calls, he answers. Brett Wins


New Champion! Woo!

  • Happybando for answering the phone, even though he said he wouldn't.

Great Quotes


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Fun Facts

  • Contrary to popular belief and the overwhelming evidence during the Bonearth tour, OMG Chad is NOT cajun.





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