Cheese and Sausage

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Cheese and Sausage
Number 63
Broadcast Date March 23, 2015
Episode Length 53:06
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt
Guests Anthony Carboni

Apple might be coming with a service, Sony launches PlayStation Vue, and Chromecast gets friendlier


Opening Video

Primary Target

NBC plans cable-dependent Apple TV app for second half of 2015
WSJ suggested Tuesday that Apple will launch a ~25 channel service for $30-$40 a month
NBC not part of the talks because of friction with Comcast
Mark Gurman at 9to5 Mac says NBC app coming to Apple TV (Xbox and FireTV) second half of 2015
BuzzFeed said Friday that a new Apple TV will be showed off at WWDC in June, app store, A8 chip, siri, music and homekit

Signals Intelligence

Sony launched PLayStation Vue in Philadelphia, Chiago and New York on Wednesday
$50 a month after a 7 day free trial
Live on demand (3 day on some) and DVR (28 days) over PS3 and PS4
IPad app in the works, will add more deice support
Channels CBS, NBC, Fox, Discover, Scripps, Turner, Viacom. 60 channels in base package
AMC coming next month/ No ABC(Disney ESPN), A&E, or PBS
$10 packages: sports nets/lifestyle (26 channels)
Can stream to 3 devices at once (but only one PS4)
Peter Kafka at ReCode: Do people really care enough about sports, and ESPN specifically, to pay for it? Or are they happy to pay for lots of other stuff but not ESPN?

Gear Up

HDMI-CEC is the thing that lets Chromecast turn on your TV and switch inputs
Now TV remote can deliver pause/play to Chromecast
Works with some but not all apps

Front Lines

Redditor aglidden noticed a hex code in a scne from Archer that led to a YouTube channel to a message encoded with a Vigenere cipher to a Craigslist ad to Krieger’s personal Reddit page to Krieger’s Flickr account to where are there are more puzzles. Not since Lost have we seen such attempts at ARG. Does it work for you?
That ad-free online TV channel about science technology and history from Discovery founder John Hendricks launched Wednesday for $3 a month SD $6 a month HD with a 4K level coming later this year. Is “CuriosityStream” Worth it?
In addition to suspending their local blackout rule for the coming season, the NFL Announced it will sell rights to the October 25th game in London between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars, to an Internet streaming service. What service should buy it?
The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Industry Panel ruled Friday that Orange is the New Black season 2 does not qualify as a comedy and will compete for an Emmy in the drama category. Do you think it’s true that Orange is the New Black is not funny?

Under Surveillance

Game Of Thrones Finally Admits The Show Will Spoil The Books: David Benioff speaking to the Oxford Union over the weekend: “ I kind of wish that there were some things we didn't have to spoil, but we're kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. The show must go on... and that's what we're going to do.”
Hulu grabbed exclusive streaming rights "for all past and future episodes" of Empire. The only show in at least 23 years (since Nielsen began tracking) to grow its audience every single week, every single episode.

Dispatches From The Front

Don't know if you guys have seen this. i consider it big. in canada, crtc ruled cable cos. must offer 25 dollar basic cable and pick and pay for other channels on top of that.

To Brian & Tom:
I miss the Movie Draft! It was one of my favorite parts of the old Frame Rate Show and I love when you have it in Cordkillers! I wish you did Movie Draft four times a year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
Bring Movie Draft back soon!

Hello my employees.
Now that Netflix has launched in Australia as of 1 hour and 20 minutes ago and I’ve checked out the library I thought I’d give first impressions.
First, I think the old guard of the Australian streaming industry Quickflix and Presto should be concerned. Theres enough overlap with Netflix and Stan (the other new competitor here) that their services with their smaller libraries will probably struggle going forward.
Second, I will be keeping my Stan subscription. Tho Netflix has what seems like the largest library Stan has picked up exclusives like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Star Trek and originals that Netflix will not be able to get here for the foreseeable future.
Third, while my new Australian Netflix account's library is not as big as my US Netflix accounts ,it is big enough with most of the check boxes ticked that need to be.
Overall I am happy with their offering here and I will cancel my US Netflix account.
From your boss, Nik

  • Netflix is coming to Australia and New Zealand today for AU $8.99/NZ $9.99 for the single-stream standard definition plan, AU $11.99/NZ $12.99 for the two-stream high definition plan, and AU $14.99/NZ $15.99 for the four-stream 4K ultra high definition “family” option. Too much?

I was just listening to last week's episode and had some thoughts on Verizon's new "toenail" service.
You talked about the likelihood of it being zero rated and then went on to question whether or not it would be exclusive to Verizon.
I think they will not make it exclusive precisely because it will be zero rated, on Verizon. As an ATT customer with a pitiful data cap they would be happy to allow me to sign up for their service, get fed up with my ATT cap and then try to entice me to switch to Verizon so I can watch all I want without having to pay for a bigger data plan.
That's just my two cents.
Dan in finally almost not snow covered Rochester (NY)

I wanted to share a little tip that I ran into this weekend. I finally killed the cord. I called Comcast on a Sunday. I was expecting to play chicken, as I had in the past, to haggle by bill back on to a promo deal. To my surprise the Comcast operator did not pass me into the retention department. He simply walked through the cancellation process. After this, I asked why I wasn't forward to anyone else. The operator explained that the retention department was closed on Sundays. I thought this tip could help other listeners that don't want to go through the ordeal of canceling their cable subscription.
(Your future boss)
Mike from Blustery Bloomington, Illinois

Well, I've listened to Brian mention the people who's credit card has expired on and though, "Wow, what's with these idiots?" Well, it turns out I'm one of them. It had been almost 2 months (8 episodes) since I had been charged and that was about the time I got may new card. Great show and I'm happy to re-apply as a "boss."



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