Code Drink

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Code Drink
Number 17
Broadcast Date July 10, 2008
Episode Length 8:11
Hosts Brian Brushwood

Effect: Surprise your friends by telling them you have X-ray vision

Revision3 Summary

Need: a group of people, 5 bottle caps, 5 coins, one drink, one napkin, and a secret helper.

Method: Watch as Brian successfully determines which bottle cap is missing a coin. But in reality someone is secretly helping Brian by using a code known to both of them.

Depending where the helper places his drink on the napkin, Brian will know the correct answer!

Next Week

Next time, we're going to do a very special tribute to the patron saint of Scam School, Robert Downey Jr.

Great Quotes

  • "I look like I'm in a goddamn bukkake film." -Brian

Fun Facts

  • David Prager can be seen in the background after the trick is revealed when Brian says, "You know what? Buy him the beer."
  • Filmed at Lucky 13.



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Code Drink
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