Cord Tripperz

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Cord Tripperz
Number 216
Broadcast Date April 11, 2018
Episode Length 01:33:54
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Brett Rounsaville

Repping the Bonnie Count at a wedding, who listens from the furthest away, and Brian (no joke) buys Huey Lewis tickets on the show. It's not a real place!


The Pre- and Post-Show

"The preshow was pretty lit imo" - Brian Brushwood.

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What is up my dudes

The Amtrekker Brett Rounsaville is on the show. Sign up for Brett's email newsletter. Also download Mission: Pic.

Justin watched a lot of wrestling. Did you know the drinking age in Alabama used to be 18? Brian once got busy in a burger king bathroom got hustled once in a three-shell game. A whole discussion of street hustles. Brett saw a woman peeing between two trash cans in New Orleans. Justin counters by describing a situation in New Orleans where a guy whipped his junk out looking for beads and got tackled by plainclothes cops.

Brian and Bonnie? Well they went to a wedding in Florida and got to visit Epcot and revisit the days of "Big Diz." Bonnie wore a custom dress made by someone who's now too big and too popular to make custom dresses anymore. Oh, and she accidentally tripped over someone's oxygen machine and unplugged it. "How do you think you become the Queen?" - Justin.


On a previous episode, listeners were invited to send in where they were from and they would try and find which listener is farthest away from Night Attack's home in Austin, Texas. There were people from Norfolk England, Kiev Ukraine, Incirilik Turkey, New Zealand, Philippines, and South Africa. It was judged that the person farthest away from Night Attack (great circle route) was... Western Australia. Congratulations, you get nothing.

Patreon Name Chant Corner Hour Hour

This week the lucky patron was "Frenchie Frenchman" who got a pep talk. Also you can subscribe on twitch to support the show.


Big Jim sent along a game. Is this the name of a drug, or a startup? Big Jim even wrote descriptions for the name in both cases so the guys couldn't deduce it from lack of detail.

  • OHANA, it's a startup. Justin did not get it.
  • ZUBSOLV, it's a drug. Brett got it right. "EU IS NOT A PLACE" - Brett
  • HARVONI, it's a drug. Brian got it wrong.
  • FORMAFINA, it's a startup. Justin got it right.
  • PICATO, it's a drug. Brett got it wrong.
  • SPRIX, it's a drug. Brian got it wrong.
  • NESTIO, it's a startup. Justin got it right.
  • ANAKINRA, it's a drug. Brett got it right.
  • PARLIO, it's a startup. Brian got it right.

and the final question for a big three points was:

  • CYMMETRIA, it's a startup. Brian and Justin got it right, Brett got it wrong.

Justin wins! Five Points! Send a game to! Don’t send it anywhere else! If they use it you get stickers, probably!

Diamond Time

The Movie Draft

Night Attack is first ($175m), Cordkillers is second ($54m). Nobody else has movies out! Forget reading this see all the details at

Quotable Quotes

  • "Maybe it is -350 degrees?" - Brian Brushwood, on the temperature at the north pole
  • "Is that the guy who does all the Amazon reviews?" - Bonnie, regarding listener "Flavour Toothpaste"
  • "Let me take your dream project and throw it under the bus. I'm Justin Robert Young" - Brian, about Justin, about Brett
  • "Pacific Rim is a garbage fire" - Justin
  • "You should be embarassed for not knowing how badly I nailed that" - Brett on his Lilo and Stitch impression
  • "Apparently 35 fucks was not enough fucks to give" - Brian, after being forced to leave a review for the ticket vendor while buying tickets for Huey Lewis and the News
  • "When did we become so good a improv?" - Justin, during the Seinfeld running gag


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!

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