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DAVE bearing the brunt of a fiery attack.

DAVE is a classified government experiment gone missing. DAVE is an acronym codename that stands for "Dangerous and Very Evil."

Not much is known of what DAVE is capable of, further obfuscated by the rampant legends and folklore surround him. It is not entirely clear where DAVE's loyalties lie. His presence and use of agency is often accompanied by a hypnotic, swirling chime.



First Sightings and a Series of Tests

  • MR121-124: Desperate Defense Week (2018-06-05/2018-06-08)
DAVE is first captured on video. He was the subject for testing improvised weapons made from hair spray, matches, bobby pins, and light bulbs. He proved highly resilient to such attacks, further likening his resemblance to B.J. Blazkowicz.

Identity Revealed and Attacked by Arrows

DAVE's identity is made known, somewhat. Brian and Jason make him the subject of a PVC bow demonstration, acting as target stand-in for fictional character Groknar. DAVE did not so much as flinch at being punctured by arrows, although when agitated, he was able to redirect arrows even to the point of reflecting an arrow directly back at Jason, injuring his hand.

Investigative Journalism

A local newspaper is briefly shown on screen with an article describing DAVE. Texan residents recount moments of running in fear from "El Hombre de Goma" and having their memories wiped.