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This is a "How to" for preparing the links for DTNS, to supply the chat with links and creation of a pastebin for easier wiki creation. There are several ways to do it, but i thought it would be helpful to lay out my methods. Thanks for supporting DTNS/chatrealm.

First step, get links

Ask jenniej23 for the links. The content will look like this, mostly

Step two, start copying and pasting

i've made a template on pastebin, so you'll only need to worry about putting the links in the right section and attributing the redditors. The template follows the structure of the show. There are some instances where there is no calendar item, so simply delete the section. The final product looks like this. You can see where the sections start when you compare the links given by jenniej23 and the endproduct. The first break, after the headlines and news from you, is the plug of the day section, visible either by the plug itself or the placeholder "url". The second one, discussion section, ends where the comments from Tom are starting. The third varies, as there can be some calendar links that are bundled with the discussion part, but usually they follow after the comments. The rest is selfexplanatory.

Redditors Palooza

The headlines are followed by "News from you". It would be nice and considerate to attribute the folks that post the stories. for that we need to go the extra mile. There are no fixed amounts of stories, it varies from 2 to up to 7+. So you'll have to check each link in the headlines section, start at the bottom, for its origin. I use an helpful safari extension called "reddit comments", which checks for existing links on reddit.

Guest's Plug

They are usually at the top of the linklist from jenniej23, but some guests like Len Peralta post sometimes specific links that are referred to in the show, in Len's case the artwork of the day. Don't sweat it when you don't get any links, with repeated guests we have most things covered.

Tom is mean

Not really, but sometimes news break after the linklist was sent to you, so you uhn "should" try to find the according link as they usually don't end up in the dailytechnewsshow.com show notes, and we can't let that happen ;)