Disgorious Shannonagans

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Disgorious Shannonagans
Number 178
Broadcast Date May 15, 2013
Episode Length 1:17:33
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Shannon Morse, Dale Chase

Shannon Morse is here to play a game of But Cuba, drink some Ruinum and she helps kickoff the Summer Music Series along with Dale Chase.


Opening Video

Look at my NIPPLES!!!

But Cuba!

When Brian and Justin invented But Cuba, YouTube had an audio transcription option that you could turn on for certain videos and it was hilariously crappy. Fast forward three years and not much has changed. The Chatrealm has compiled a doc full of YouTube's audio transcriptions and links to their corresponding videos. Brian reads the auto-generated captions in a silly voice and it is Justin and Shannon's job to guess from what video the non-sense has been generated.

1) Accent: Cuban

  • “on their fantastic show the not the the nazi for work show uh... in their lives to be there doing their internal party oh.. ho... ho and I’m like this will be plugged in bars where magic magic magic buzzword truett that interst word
    • Justin's guess: The NPR thing
    • Shannon's guess:
Correct answer: My puppet NSFW show I sent to DragonCon

2) Accent: Southern person and a Robot

  • Southern person: “Well planets here what seems to be the fall.”
  • Robot: “dark cotton down the plane”
  • Southern person: “Tonight we’ll have to let them all.”
    • Justin's guess: The "I Have A Dream" speech
    • Shannon's guess: Snakes on a Plane
Correct answer: Don Cheadle is Captain Planet

3) Accent: French

  • trying to get the best of luck reliance uh... similar extended circuits your face prisons was that these visitor insults but is that direction you really get the media nags head what did you
    • Justin's guess: The time Martin Luther King slipped on a pie
    • Shannon's guess: None
Correct answer: This is a mean little girl

4) Accent: Really racist Chinese, really racist Canadian

  • Chinese: “Sometimes I was Leaving I like to caress your Ivy league “
  • Canadian: “Caress Micro Vase”
  • Chinese: “I’d I’d be interested are like to tell daddy of filho hyder albion place some time that I do imagine what would have been about a role but I only by their vatat”
    • Justin's guess: The time Martin Luther King slipped on TWO pies
    • Shannon's guess:
Correct answer: Night Attack 2: Enjoy the Garden (Captain Morgan)

5) Accent: Darren Kitchen, Jamaican

  • Darren: “...It's his first full day on the top of the, and that I'm asking you gather two miles away, but what would you think happen from the background of the man who is now called?
  • Jamaican: “Well, I I I think the clothes for his friend are really fun in that that I caught anybody talked about. If he is going to be our address what. I mean that's how we grew up. He was a just provincial. Ke he'd lead by example.”
    • Justin's guess: The time Martin Luther King slipped on FOUR pies
    • Shannon's guess: The PadreSJ video
Correct answer: PadreSJ flashing the Diamond Club logo on local news.


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Wooo! The contract is completely signed and the wine man himself, Steve, is in the TWiT Brickhouse to give Justin and company their first tastes of Brian and Justin's Brandy Wine cocktail, Ruinum.

Justin's description of the taste:

  • Honey
  • The freedom of all oppressed people
  • The smile of a child
  • The fistpump of a 13-year-old that just got laid

Steve's (more informed) description of the wine:

  • High quality Merlot
  • Almond
  • Subtle hints of black licorice
  • A touch of citrus

  • Dale Chase - "It's scintillating."
  • Patrick Delahanty - "I'm glad I moved to California, because I couldn't get it shipped to Massachusetts and I definitely want to order a LOT. I love this."
  • OMG Chad - "If I was a woman, I would have sex with you. 95% drinkable."
  • Russell (the IT guy) - "That'll do some damage. Is there allspice in there?"


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Chatrealm Song

At the beginning of the episode, Shannon mentioned something about the Chatrealm writing a song. They did.

Summer Music Series

The Summer Music Series is finally back! They half-assed it last year, but Justin swears that he'll actually book guests WEEKS ahead of time this year including Marian Call.

Dale Chase came on to kick things off and he's joined by past and future (and current) guest, Shannon Morse. At the top of the show they performed "SSH into My Heart". At the end of the show he performed his version of a Biz Markie song "Something for the Internet" (originally "Something for the Radio").

Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • Shannon: "Ohh shintos"
  • Justin: "Yeah, ok sure, if you can taste words, fine. I'm sure it's great."

Fun Facts





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