Do You Want to Build A Network?

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Do You Want to Build A Network?
Number 2444
Broadcast Date MARCH 6, 2015
Episode Length 40:47
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Darren Kitchen, Len Peralta

Darren Kitchen is back to talk about arrests of malicious hackers in the UK and US and things he learned from NON-malicious hackers in Europe in February. Drones, Club-Mate and more! And yes Len Peralta is here to illustrate it.



ReCode reports Apple executives have been promising music labels it will not have a free tier for digital music when it launches its own subscription streaming service later this year. Apparently Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine have been trying to convince labels to distribute music with Apple first, for a service targeted at $8 a month.
Also something about Apple releasing a watch Monday. Apparently 9to5 Mac’s Marc Gurman knows somebody with one of the watches and it gets 5 hours of battery life with heavy use – the ability to see your heart rate at any time— 8 GB of storage— unlinked music playing. All kinds of stuff. Gurman’s usually right about this kind of thing.And we’ll find out for sure on Monday. When Apple actually announces the watch.
ZDNet reports that Oracle has begun bundling the toolbar with its latest release of Java 8 Update 40 for Mac. The Ask toolbar has bundled with Java for Windows for several years. The option to install the toolbar must be unchecked by the user during installation.
eWeek reports that Microsoft published a security advisory yesterday, March 5, saying that all supported versions of Windows are vulnerable to the FREAK technique. Microsoft has issued workarounds for Windows Vista and newer. Windows Server 2003 does not have a workaround. Microsoft has seen no evidence of the attack in the wild but will issue an update, possibly out of band. Both the browser and server must be vulnerable for the exploit to work. You can visit for information on browser patches.
Reuters reports that Apple will be added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average after the close of trading, March 18th and AT&T will be removed. The Dow Jones tracks 30 stocks considered representative of the US economy. The Dow Jones Average was created in 1896. AT&T was added in 1916. It was removed in 2004 but reinstated in 2005 after a merger with SBC.
The BBC reports the UK National Crime Agency’s National Cyber Crime Unit co-ordinated the arrests of 56 people suspected of crimes like data theft, fraud and writing viruses. 25 separate ops were carried out across England, Scotland and Wales. A suspected Lizard Squad member was arrested in Leeds — which we will now spell with 3’s— and an arrestee in London is suspected of being part of D33d which is already spelled with 3’s. The NCA also visited 70 firms to inform them their servers were vulnerable to attack. They even set up four pop-up shops to give security advice and check devices for malware.
The Next Web reports the US Department of Justice charged three men with hacking into US email service providers. Viet Quoc Nguyen allegedly hacked 8 providers obtaining more than 1 billion addresses. Giang Hoang Vu allegedly sent spam to tens of millions of the addresses. Both men are vietnamese but were living in the Netherlands. Canadian David-Manuel Santos Da Silva was indicted for allegedly helping the two purported hackers launder the money.
ReCode reports Amazon has opened an online store on Alibaba’s marketplace in China. Tmall offers virtual storefronts. Amazon also operates its own ecommerce site in China.
The Sydney Morning Herald is reports that starting April 1st Australia’s Telstra will give customers access to a limited set of their metadata – for a fee. Metadata information includes who was called, time, location and duration, but does not cover contents of the communication. It also doesn’t include who called you. The policy reversal came after SMH’s Ben Grubb lodged a complaint with Australia’s Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim. Australia is considering data retention laws that would require telcos to store 2 years of customers metadata for law-enforcement access.

News From You

The CBC reports that Alain Philippon of Quebec has been charged with hindering or preventing border officers from performing their role because he refused to give Canadian border security the password to his phone. According to the Candian Border Services Agency the minimum fine is $1000 up to a maximum of $25,000. Philipon plans to fight the charge. Travelers crossing most borders have a reduced privacy rights. The Canadian Border Services Agency would not say why Philippon was asked for the password. IN astatement the agency said, “Officers are trained to look for indicators of deception and use a risk management approach in determining which goods may warrant a closer look.”
Submitted by thelouisguy
Phandroid reports that only owners of the Nexus 6 will be able to use Google’s wireless carrier announced earlier this week at Mobile World Congress. The Wall Street Journal has the sources on this. Google’s service will combine WiFi with LTE using other carriers networks. We’ll no doubt hear more about it at Google I/O, May 28.
Submitted by HobbitfromPA


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