Dr. Brushwood's Scale of Emissions

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Dr. Brushwood's Scale of Emissions
Number 238
Broadcast Date September 12, 2018
Episode Length 01:13:17
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

hoo boy, we really did this, huh? Also, a possible-first in a round of "Saturn or IKEA?" Two weeks? Two weeks!

And don't miss the boys live at Scoopfest Vegas (Oct 12-14) and TwitchCon (Oct 26-28)


#HamsForJay Update

Jay, whom previously was in the hospital and in a coma, is now out of the hospital and able to drive a car and has a cell phone and such. Turns out the hardest thing is not to cancel a gym membership for someone in a coma, but to tell the recovered comatose person that you cancelled their gym membership. #GymsForJay.

Simpsons Podcast Live

It's true, it's true, both Brian and Justin will be appearing at the live show of Allie Goertz's Everything's Coming Up Simpson's Podcast on Saturday September 15th (ticket details).

Two Weeks

Since Justin is coming to Austin for the Simpson's Show, it was agreed Justin could stay "on the property" at Modern Rogue World Headquarters. Turns out there's a technical definition between "in two weeks" or "for two weeks."

You, are Number Six

During the discussion of renting a porta-pottie for MRWHQ there was the speculation that what the numbers meant past "number 1" and "number 2" with regards to bodily fluids.


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Saturnikea Game

It's a game via Captainjack913 and Dr. Sarah Hörst of John's Hopkins. Turns out "names of moons of saturn" and "Ikea product names" are pretty similar. So the game is easy, is a name a moon of saturn, or an Ikea product. Example: Titan, which is a moon of saturn.

  • Backig. Justin says Ikea, correct!
  • Narvi. Brian says it's an Ikea keyboard thing. Incorrect!
  • Tarvos. Justin says it's a moon. Correct!
  • Bestla. Brian says it's an Ikea Spork Holder. Incorrect! (Ikea has a storage cabinet called "Bestå")
  • Ivrig. Justin says an Ikea stool. Correct! (It's a glass).
  • Jarnsaxa. Brian says it's a moon. Correct!
  • Sinnilig. Justin says an Ikea pencil holder. Correct! (It's a candle)
  • Svirvel Brian says it's a moon. Incorrect! (It's a series of lamps)

This next one is for seven points!

  • Fornjot. Justin says it's a moon. Correct!

Justin scores a PERFECT GAME! USA! USA!

Brian has a bonus question: S/2007 S 3. Brian says its a moon. Of course it's a moon. "This moon has not been seen since its discovery in 2007 and is currently considered lost."

Diamond Time

Movie Draft Minute

IT'S OVER! http://draft.nightattack.tv. But this means that it will soon be time for the Winter Movie Draft! Stay tuned!

Quotes of Notes

  • "Diarrhea does not get a number!" - Brian
  • "We can't do this by volume, or sweat would be number 1" - Justin

Those Fun Facts

  • In the post-show, the ancient subject of the story behind the "Frodo Baggins" picture was brought up.
  • In the post-show, they read an article from McSweeny's about the "other bathroom numbers." We also learned that Tegan and Sara do not have a Patreon.


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