Drinking For Justice

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Drinking For Justice
Number 163
Broadcast Date January 28, 2013
Episode Length 1:36:09
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Ali Spagnola

This week Bri Bri and Jurbs sit down for a lovely boozed-up interview with Ali Spagnola.


Opening Video

NSFW show LIVE Stravaganza Opening

The Power Hour is Free

Ali has finally won her three-year-long legal battle to allow everyone (including herself) to be able to use the term "Power Hour" however they so please. Instead of playing some dumb game, the guys decided to just have a nice drunken interview about The Power Hour with Ali for the whole show.

Complement Bomb

In the middle of the show, the guys got the idea to put in a few more 5-star reviews on the Power Hour USB Shotglass USB page on Amazon. Head over there and rate the damn thing!


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Belt Winner


Great Quotes

  • Justin: "... instead of dealing with some random asshole's fart toots."
  • Brian: "You can tell me that anything has a 'No Fart-Toots' policy and I'd probably buy it."

Fun Facts

  • Prior to the show, Justin tweeted his hotel room number, inviting any fans to show up and hang out. Chatrealmer JCBobbitt showed up, but didn't make it til the aftershow.


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