Duplicating a Key from a Photo

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Duplicating a Key from a Photo
Number 74
Broadcast Date July 14, 2017
Episode Length 21:44
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy
Guests Bill Doran


I asked Brian if we could get a green screen and he said, "WHAT?! A GREEN THING?!" A bit incredulously I told him, "No, a green screen for chroma keying." "CHROMA GREEN KEY THINGS? OKAY, YOU GOT IT PAL!"


Hey, Bill is a really neat dude despite us dragging him down with all that Karate Kid talk, so you can see what he's really capable of at:

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Fun Facts

  • During the break at the fifteen minute mark, two keys were printed. The first key was sculpted until it worked (as seen in video), but as soon as the cameras stopped recording, the second key was cut from its mold for thumbnail photos. This second key worked perfectly almost instantly.
  • The 3-D printer is actually Brian's daughter's, Bill has much fancier printers in his shop.
  • Bill forgot to bring a mouse for his laptop, which significantly complicated matters of 3-D modeling.



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Duplicating a Key from a Photo
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