Enjoy the Pleasure Garden

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Enjoy the Pleasure Garden
Number 206
Broadcast Date November 26, 2013
Episode Length 1:28:18
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Chris Lesinski, Bonnie Brushwood

This week the guys are joined by Chris Lesinski and Bonnie Brushwood to play an inappropriate party game, start a little controversy and then they read a story from the upcoming book Go Home Santa, You're Drunk.


Opening Video

OK Google Now, What's A Blumpkin?

Deck Around

Chris has created a party card game called "Deck Around". In the game, one person picks a card with a slang word on it. Then everyone else has to write convincing sounding definitions for that word. The definitions are submitted anonymously, read aloud and then everyone votes on which one sounds the best.

There's an IndieGoGo campaign for the game that launched just before the recording of the show. Head on over to Bit.ly/deck-around-game and give the dude some money. Chris pledged that if 50 people donated $35 or more during the show, there would be a special NSFW show version of the game.

The guys played a few rounds on the show.

  • tacobutt
    • multiple dingle berries entangled between two butt cheeks, which look like ground beef
    • incorrect lesbian scissoring
    • diarrhea caused by cheap mexican food
    • when a girl's pants are tight and low enough that her butt cheeks spill out, resembling a taco
  • tossing grits
    • throwing sand in a pretty girl's face at the beach
    • don’t tell me what to eat for breakfast, bitch
    • shaving your body and selling the clippings on ebay or craigslist
    • southern sumo wrestling
  • pleasure garden
    • when a girl’s pubic region is quaffed like the royal gardens
    • traditional English garden in which undocumented hired help masturbates
    • having sex on a salad bar
    • advanced public parks that have rides, entertainment, and exotic animals
  • oregano salsa
    • what’s created when an Italian and a Mexican make out
    • a fresh pico de gallo salsa, in which cilantro is replaced with chopped pot leaves
    • when someone gets so high that they can dance flawlessly to Latin American music
    • fake weed
  • quiet achiever
    • an orgasm is that inspires outrageous facial expressions but no sound
    • secret al qaeda cell of librarians
    • a person capable of farting without sound but still creating a deadly stench
    • achieving orgasm stealthily, during class
  • beef walk
    • when one puts their shit over their head to reveal fat gut and duck walks around
    • walking away from a group so you can fart in peace
    • leaving work to buy a hotdog on the street for lunch
    • to leisurely stroll with male genitalia exposed


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No Hobo Controversy!

A few months earlier, Justin popularized the phrase "No Hobo" among the Chatrealm. Well the night before the recording of this episode, comedians Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkle came on The Pete Holmes Show. They had a segment in which they listed off a bunch of ideas that they came up with, but never went anywhere. You can watch it here.

Of course all of Chatrealm wanted to burn the show to the ground, but Justin mentioned that "No hobo" actually came from a Childish Gambino song. So the joke predates both shows. Just buy the t-shirt.


Go to AudiblePodcast.com/NSFW for a free audiobook and a 30-day free trial.

Go Home Santa, You're Drunk

Hey! Justin has a book of weird Santa-based short stories coming out on Black Friday, 2013 called Go Home Santa, You're Drunk. They've mentioned it on like, the past four episodes. Head on over to Bit.ly/gohomesanta.

During the show, Justin, Brian, Chirs and Bonnie read the first story "What Makes Santa Cry".

Belt Winner

  • Chris (like 12 times)

Great Quotes

  • "Farts got way better publicity than cum!" -Justin

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