Ferret Plague

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Ferret Plague
Number 47
Broadcast Date November 29, 2011
Episode Length 1:36:48
Hosts Andrew Mayne, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Bonnie Brushwood


Brian and wife Bonnie open up a respectable genetics laboratory only to find out that their mischievous for-hire scientists have concocted a horrific brew that could save the world. Or end it. One of the two. Maybe both. Justin helps dream up all of the ways that 3D printing can revolutionize the way we look at keychains and society. Andrew recounts his recent trip to China complete with dazzling light tunnels and curious acrobats.

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BB&B GeneGlobal Enterprises

Brian and Bonnie have opened their new genetics lab and attract scientists Justin and Andrew whom have questionable qualifications. They come to Brian and Bonnie with news that they have created a much more deadly and contagious form of the Bird Flu.

Apparently, in the real world, some scientists were studying the bird flu and used 10 generations of ferrets to mutate the flu to make it totally airborne and mammal compliant. Then they sent their findings to people all around the world to have the best chance of developing a cure for this dangerous flu. This of course started a huge conversation about whether or not publishing the blueprints to a super flu is a good idea.

3D Printers

3D printers. They're awesome. They may be too expensive and complicated for the average person right now, but they are getting better and cheaper all the time. We may see a day sometime soon where a couple teenagers can fabricate and build a car in their garage. Andrew mentioned Printrbot, which is a project that wants to make 3D printers more affordable. They had a Kickstarter where they asked for $25,000 but instead got over $800,000.

As these 3D printers get more common, we could see piracy of actual objects by people putting the blueprints up online for others to download and print out.

Big Magic in Little China

Andrew had recently come back from a trip to China where he gave a lecture at a magic conference. He tells the story of when he went to see a magic competition there and he saw some very good magicians, however each performer did the same tricks. We also learned that young Chinese people love McDonalds and KFC.

While talking about Chinese culture, Brian, Andrew and Justin started to brag about their world travels. Andrew mentions that besides his trip to China, he lived in Japan for a while and also spent some time in Venezuela. Brian then talked about his time when he lived in Norway. Then, not to be out done, Justin quickly mentions the time when he was 20 and in Sofia Bulgaria.

Book Club




  • The Muppets


Great Quotes

  • "Nothing muddies the waters like a drunk Ronald Reagan metaphor." -Justin



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