Film Riot On Our Summer Vacation

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Film Riot On Our Summer Vacation
Number 38
Broadcast Date August 14, 2009
Episode Length 1:19:24
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Ryan Connolly, Josh Connolly, Timmy Allen

Just watch.


New Champions! Woo!

  • This episode showcases Brian's first appearance on Film Riot.
  • This episode is the origin of Too gay!.
  • Brian Brushwood thinks this episode features some of the VERY BEST adobeshops in the history of BBliveshow.
  • Petefic's Adobeshop of OhDoctah as "Sweet Baby Jesus & The Orphans" derails the show with laughter.
  • Kuhan's last minute Adobeshop blows away the competition.

Great Quotes

  • "GIRL!!! We've found it! The only girl on the Internet!" - Justin
  • "Josh is king of that sweet, sweet ass." - Brian
  • "I love the look on my face. I've never met the man, but I look so in love!" - Ryan
  • "Dude, you look so fucking Iceman from Top Gun." - Justin
  • "TOO GAY!" - Josh


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Film Riot On Our Summer Vacation
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