Gamer needs game badly

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Gamer needs game badly
Number 2242
Broadcast Date May 26, 2014
Episode Length 6:30
Hosts Tom Merritt

It’s the Memorial Day holiday in the US today, so just a headlines show. But good news for Apple lovers and Gauntlet fans!


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TechCrunch passes along a Financial Times report that Apple is planning to announce a platform to control smarthome functions from an iOS device. The iPhone, iPad and AppleTV would supposedly have native ability to turn lights on and off, open a garage door and generally control certified third-party hardware. Even devices like Google’s Nest Thermostat.
The Verge reports Sony has filed documents with the Shanghai Stock Exchange regarding joint ventures in China to produce and sell Sony PlayStation hardware and software. China lifted some restrictions on selling game consoles in the country in January.
Reuters reports an unnamed “senior administration official” says the US government is considering using visa restrictions to keep some Chinese citizens from attending the DefCon and Black Hat conferences this August in Las Vegas. The move would be “part of a broad effort to curb Chinese cyber espionage.” Since recordings of talks are made available after the conference, organizers are unsure if a ban on individuals would have much of an effect.
TechCrunch reports Korea’s Kakao, maker of the KakaoTalk messenger app, announced the company will merge with Daum, one of Korea’s largest Internet portals. Korea’s largest Internet portal, Naver, makes another top messaging app called Line. If the deal goes through, the combined Kakao and daum company will be listed in October.
TechCrunch notes that object-tagging system Tile has begun shipping. The tags can be added to any device and use bluetooth signals to help track things like keys. Tile raised $2.6 million in crowdfunding last summer.
Engadget reports YouTube made a “Creator Preview” video promising upcoming features, including a standalone mobile app for creators with more useful tools, and a crowd-funding option that lets viewers contribute money directly. Also subtitles will soon be crowd-sourced for 60-plus languages.

News From You

Stories about why the Apple Beats merger hasn’t become a real thing yet. The Verge passes along Billboard sources saying the biggest reason is because the deal is complicated. Beats Music is a separate business unit only partly owned by Beats Electronics. Another source says there are concerns over wither Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are good fits as Apple executives.
Submitted by Aractor and KAPT_Kipper
Eurogamer story that Warner Bros will reboot Gauntlet as a “completely modernized” action RPG dues out this summer on Steam. Gauntlet will be the first title in the WB Games vault portfolio and was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. And yes you can play Wizard, Warrior, Valkyrie or Elf. Nostalgic Gamer needs game badly.
Submitted by paulgannon01
9to5Mac post discussing a rumor from MacBiddouille that Apple is experimenting with new ARM-powered Mac variants that include a Magic trackpad built into the keyboard. The ARM processor would power versions of the iMac, Mac Mini and 13” MacBook.
Submitted by KAPT_Kipper'



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Gamer needs game badly
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