Ghost Dad 2: Tales from the Kitchen

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Ghost Dad 2: Tales from the Kitchen
Number 260
Broadcast Date February 14, 2019
Episode Length 01:44:45
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Darren Kitchen's Darren Kitchen joins us for two epic stories: an epic story of family, money, and death; plus, an infamous "Sony Story." And your emails to To hackers!

South By So Wasted 2019 tickets are on sale now at March 9 at The North Door in Austin, TX, doors at 2pm. Special guests Ice Cream Social, The Possum Posse, Dual Core and many more. Listen to the episode for info on a special VIP event!


Hey Boss, it's SXSW Show Time

The tradition continues, but this year it's massive. It's a big event at the North Door in Austin, Texas on March 9th 2019. It has Night Attack, Dual Core, Jomo and the Possum Posse, possibly Willie Dills or a fight, and the guys from Ice Cream Social in a 3-4 hour extravaganza. Get your tickets now at (

There will also be a very limited VIP event the next day. Details of that are in the show itself and are too scandalous to be presented here.

It's our Guest, Darren Kitchen

It's true, Darren Kitchen from Hak5 is a guest on the show, appearing in the studio with Justin. It's been a while since he was on last but this appearance is a doozy.

The Sony Story

Brian and Darren crashed a Sony party at E3. Not just any Sony E3 party, but it was around the time that the movie The Interview came out and Sony had a bunch of emails and data exposed in a hack. In Great Moments in Hey Boss History Brian managed to get them into the party and was demonstrating Scam School-style tricks when a VP at Sony poured Darren a drink and asked him what he did, and Darren said "I'm a hacker."

Ghost Mom

In Night Attack history, one of the most memorable episodes is Ghost Dad, about Justin finding out his father was not deceased after all. This happening-as-the-show-was-on story from Darren is another roller coaster ride. Without giving away the story, Darren got a mystery award from the will of a person he didn't know... or at least he thought he didn't. Seriously, just watch the show and go on the ride with Brian and Justin.

Patreon and Twitch Support

Hello. If you support Night Attack at then you get the preshwood and the postshwood in your own personal rss feed. There was no name chant corner hour this week due to time constraints.

Also you can support Night Attack through This week they had a "silent minute" during which twitch subs n' bits were shown on screen while they continued to talk with Darren. This episiodes THE BIT BOSS was BIOCOW.

Diamond Time


What happened to NSFW Producer Dane Golden? (He got a new job, and asked to get BBPedia/DCTVPedia to remove some joke bits he did producing NSFW Show because it unfairly was making him look bad.) Some reminiscing about "almost" getting kicked off their previous network. Can you shit in the Puppy yet? (Yes, you've always been able to, but new construction will be underway in a few days). What about ethics of magic on tv referencing a magician from the Netherlands? (Lots of TV is fake, sorry). More good magic discussion.

Quotable Quotes

  • "Of course you are" - the gatekeeper to the Sony Party when Brian and Darren said they were there for the party.

Fun Facts

  • It was Darren Kitchen's cat that gave rise to the phrase "dat cat enjoying dat breeze", but sadly that cat is no longer with us. See Pot Mice Cat Breeze Music Fun (Timecode)
  • Justin and Darren do not have the same father, and Darren did not write "Frodo Baggins" on that woman's chest.


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to and pledge ANY amount!


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