Give us our Duck Rights

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Give us our Duck Rights
Number 2275
Broadcast Date JULY 10, 2014
Episode Length 32:36
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Todd Whitehead

Todd Whitehead is on the show to comb through the buzzword bing that was Satya Nadella’s new vision for Microsoft. Who do they want to be?



The 3100 word manifesto claims Microsoft is no longer so much about devices and services as it is about productivity and platform. Nadella used the word productivity 20 times in the memo. One notable exception to the productivity push was the Xbox. Nadella said Microsoft would “continue to innovate and grow our fan base with Xbox.” He also showed his literary bent quoting Nietzsche and Rilke.
Amazon says the service lets users “store, share, and gather feedback on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, webpages, images, PDFs, or text files – from the device of their choice.” Pricing is $5 per user per month, which includes 200 GB of storage for each user. Amazon Workspaces customers get Zocalo for free but at 50 GB a user. 200GB per user costs an extra $2 a month for those customers.
More than just a contacts manager, the new app will try to alert you to information about your contacts that you need to know, such as profile updates, job changes, birthdays and more. The new app will only be available in English speaking countries and on iOS for now, though Android is on the way.
It works in conjunction with the Neurosky EGG biosensor, to read brainwaves. The app translates the brainwaves into a meter you see in glass. Focus hard enough to lift the meter and a picture is taken. Focus harder and the picture is Tweeted. It’s a small start— TO MIND CONTROL! Neurosky retails for £71 in the UK.
The disruption began int he run-up to the 25th anniversary of demonstrations in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Line, KakaoTalk, Flickr and OneDrive also began experiencing disruption in China last week.
Specifically Aereo would like to be allowed to pay the compulsory license fee set up for cable companies in Section 111 of the Copyright Act of 1976. Broadcasters told the court they found this request “astonishing,” but they really have nothing to worry about. The 1992 Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act provides the broadcasters the right to demand Retransmission consent which they can charge for. Most likely they could just charge Aereo more than it could afford and be done with them. However the broadcasters don’t want a precedent set that a cable company operating over the Internet is the same as one operating over traditional cables.
Tesla will also construct a supercharging station for Tesla cars in the museum’s parking lot. Today is also Nikola Tesla’s birthday. He is 158.

News From You

Bing has predicted every one of the 14 knockout round matches correctly. It only got 60% of the group matches right. Bing uses data like team records, strength of schedule, margin of victory in past matches, home field advantage, weather and playing surface among others. It predicts Germany will beat Argentina in the final.
Submitted by: KAPT_Kipper
The displays use phase-change materials that change between crystal and disordered glass in response to a current. The material, known as GST can be layered on mylar to create a flexible screen. As usual it will be years and hundreds of millions of dollars before you can buy contact lenses made of the stuff, but hey, someday!
Submitted by: jcsheffield


Pick of the Day

  • Now I’ve recommended Waze to you before, but yesterday Jennie was driving down from Connecticut to New York City at 10:30pm at night and ran into terrible stand still traffic. Her Apple map program had nothing to say about this, so she opened up Waze, a community-based traffic and navigation app. Jennie discovered that due to construction, I-95 was down to ONE LANE. She says there was something very comforting about knowing that ten Waze-rs were ahead of her in the jam, showing her exactly where the crunch began and ended. Armed with their knowledge, Jennie was able to exit I-95 and drive the streets of Stamford, CT for a mile and a half, then get back on the highway post-construction and cruise on home to New York City. So thanks Waze!



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