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GlennScary Git Hub
Number 2239
Broadcast Date May 21, 2014
Episode Length 53:11
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Josh Ong

Josh Ong joins us today to talk about the Secret app coming to Android, and the secret of Lenovo’s success selling PCs. Will the US government ruin it for them?



The BBC reports eBay is forcing users to change passwords after discovering a database had been attacked and accessed between late February and early March. The database contained encrypted passwords and non-financial data. EBay has seen no evidence of unauthorized use. The attackers achieved access by obtaining employee login credentials. This is probably NOT a ploy to get people to visit eBay for the first time in years but may have that effect.
Submitted by GoodDoc
This morning Apple did not announce that they had purchased Beats. Also Google didn’t buy Twitch. But Apple did announce a TV service. Nah, kidding. That didn’t happen either. BUT 9to5Mac reports Apple did absolutely confirm that their WWDC keynote will happen Monday June 2nd at 10 AM Pacific Time and last about two hours. Enough facts. 9to5Mac’s sources say in addition to the expected updates to iOS and OS X, sources say Apple is planning to unveil new hardware. You can think iWatch, I’ll count on retina MacBook Airs.
The Verge reports Facebook’s app for iOS and Android can now recognize songs and TV shows and add it to your status. “Audio recognition” starts listening as soon as you start typing a status update, and adds it to your status. You opt-in to the feature by tapping a button inside the status window. The feature will roll out gradually over the coming weeks. And Josh, you posted about Facebook adding adding free downloads of anti-malware software to its abuse detection and prevention systems for users with infected devices. A popup notifies Windows users when they attempt to login that they may be infected.
The Next Web reports the anonymous posting app ‘Secret’ has been released for Android and is available worldwide. You can view a friend-only timeline, take advantage of new posting options like questions that support responses, and see how many of your friends are actually on the network. The friend view is exclusive to Android for now though it should follow soon.
VentureBeat reports Microsoft confirmed an update to the Xbox One in June will add support for external hard drives 256 GB and larger. The June update will also introduce real names as an option. Yes PS4 users, you’ve already had both of these features for awhile. Activate smugness.
Josh also posted on The Next Web about SmartThings making more announcements about its home platform. A new certification program will test devices for integration with the platform. New apps for iOS and Android make it easier to add new devices. Sounds like SmartThings wants to become an app store for the smart home.
Reuters reports a sophisticated group attacked a US public utility and compromised its control system network, although there is no evidence operations were affected. The US Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team has worked with the utility to put in place mitigation measures against future attacks.

News From You

Computerworld report that developers from CERN, birthplace of the Web, have launched an encrypted email service called ProtonMail. The system is browser-based and encrypts messages in the browser before they ever reach a server. In other words, nobody tapping or attacking the server can get your encryption keys and read your messages. ProtonMail was conceived by PhD student Andy Yen led the group that included more than 40 people at one point, including 4 PhD physicists. ProtonMail is currently in public beta and the team is working on Android and iOS apps.
Submitted by tomgehrke
Ars Technica story that the US state of California has approved rules to allow testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads. The rules go into effect September 16, 2014. While testing has happened previously in the state it was not standardized. Now testers need to apply for a testing permit, certify the drivers with a training program, and secure $5 million in insurance. The permit must be renewed yearly.
Submitted by spsheridan
The Register report that a developer in London claims he accidentally received keys to NBC Universal’s websites because of a username mixup on GitHub. Glenn Shoosmith has the username Glenn. Apparently someone at NBC Universal tried to add a user named Glen to a private repository and when Glenn Shoosmith’s name was autosuggested, they selected it without noticing. The private repository contained all kinds of config files as well as secure Amazon Web Services secret keys and access token to their servers according to Shoosmith. He didn’t touch any of the items and notified NBC of the mistake. His only sign of a response was when the NBC repository disappeared from his dropdown of choices in GitHub.
Submitted by KAPT_Kipper'


Pick of the day

If you’re into photography at any level, you usually reach a point where you want a print that’s a step (or more) above what you can get from your desktop photo printer or the machine at [...insert name of national chain store here...]. Enter professional photo labs. There are a number of web services but Mpix is the best one I’ve dealt with. You can get all sorts of products from them (photo books, calendars, cards, etc) as well as high quality prints. Their service can also include framing and retouching, all at a very reasonable price. FYI – Mpix is the lab that a lot of professional photographers use as their go-to fulfillment service. Note: I’m not affiliated with them in any way. I’m just a satisfied customer. Jennie also notes they have Android and iOs Apps with ‘Touch to Print’ functionality.
Submitted by Loren Lang



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