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Evil Grandpants Murhpy Esq.
Grandpants Murphy ushering in a new era of surveillance.

Grandpants is a devious pair of pants that corrupts its wearer. Grandpants Murphy is the only known successful symbiosis with Grandpants. This iteration of Grandpants is an aggressive dissident of President Kardashian and Science Man, so much so that he established the task force TMZCobra to fight their efforts.

Lore Text: "Forged in the dusk of the Cold War, the pants were imbued with a mystic mistrust. It is said these pants transform their bearer into a supernaturally deceptive creature, something beyond the sum of their parts. It is within these polyester confines that a man finds himself cruel and twisted, a puppet of the pantaloon. Evil Grandpants Murphy Esq. is but a victim of this sinister stitching and seam."


The Science Man Saga

In the year 2021, President Kardashian's motorcade is en route to Bizarre Magic Inc. Science Man is hired on the job, but Grandpants Murphy is determined to sabotage the administration by bugging the location and gathering confidential information. Grandpants accepts defeat when Science Man foils his plans by finding all of the hidden surveillance devices.

A Deceptive Ruse

Due to Brian's prior success in hunting down surveillance devices, Grandpants sets up round two but this time, under false pretenses. Fooling Brian into preparing for an episode about tDCS, only after the cold open does Grandpants reveal the true nature of the episode. Brian needed hints to find all the devices, and the deviousness of the devices scared him into terminating his friendship (not heavily substantiated, kind of a ret-con) with Grandpants. Brian then flees in terror.