Hair Today, Dog To-Mambo

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Hair Today, Dog To-Mambo
Number 276
Broadcast Date June 06, 2019
Episode Length 01:29:23
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young

The boys are back in town. Justin's pasta-venture in Italy. Dancing dog GIFs while Brian's hair falls out. It's time for another round of "Apologizes For." Don't say THOSE TWO WORDS.


We're Back

After two pre-recorded shows, it's another live show with Brian and Austin and Justin in Oakland. Brian asserts this was the longest "time off" they've had in the last eleven years. Justin and Ashley went to Italy and had a great tie.

This may be a surprise, but in Italy they eat a lot of pasta. Justin and Ashley were visiting family and had a gigantic bowl of pasta. The uneaten pasta got fed to the dog named "Argo" who happily scarfed it down. Justin posted a video of this to facebook which brought out as he described "the facebook police."

Brian has discovered a way to deal with people on the internet, which may or may not have been suggested by Justin: animated dog gifs. A dude was constantly replying to Brian on twitter and so Brian kept posting animated dog gifs by the ton. The viewers got to see some animated dancing dog gifs. Brian revealed that Penny suggested the as-yet-unborn Josie should be named "Best Dancing Dog" or "Bad Dog" for short.

The Hairline Must Be Drawn Here

Brian, in body dysmorphia mode, is concerned about his potentially receding hairline. He had some generic Rogaine and started using it. After a few days of this treatment, he and Bonnie both agreed it was getting worse, which led Brian to discover "Minoxidil Shedding", and so he can't stop using it now.


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This episodes the THE BIT BOSS was battle between BICOW and ZEUSANDHERA with BIOCOW coming out on top.

"Apologizes For" game

It's a Night Attack modern classic. Bryce replaces words in a headline where someone has had to apologize for something

Final round is worth three points!

Brian wins! If you have a game, send it to mail at night attack dot tv and you potentially could get stickers from

Diamond Time

Movie Draft

Frogpants is currently in the lead. See it all at


RJ wants to know if it's worth it to get a historical designation for the spot near him that Houdini did his first spiritual debunking (YES YES YES). It may be easier to get a designation than you think. What was it like doing the banked shows without games or live chat? (It was more of an interview with great guests to carry the show. It would be interesting to try that with lower-tier guests). They're still trying to plan a combo Night Attack/Double Toasted live show.


  • "Ahh Italy, it's shaped like a boot" - Justin

Fun Facts

  • Brian used to have a license plate that had "BBW" on it.


Preshow & Aftershow

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