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Number 2159
Broadcast Date JANUARY 29, 2014
Episode Length 34:31
Hosts Tom Merritt
Guests Jonathan Strickland

Jonathan Strickland pops by to talk about Lenovo buying Motorola from Google, the man who lost his $50,000 Twitter account, and how the Air Force’s secret weather controlling array might get shut down. Or maybe it’s an ionosphere observation platform. SURE it is, secret government.



How it went down live on DTNS: Reuters natural gas and oil reporter Ernest Scheyeder, posted on Twitter that Lenovo is near to a deal to buy Motorola’s cell phone divisions from Google for close to $3 billion
Twitter posted a tweet today revealing new features to its search allowing you to filter your results by video, news, people you follow and more. Also, Engadget reports Twitter announced Dataminr for News, a tool in partnership with the company Dataminr that alerts journalists of breaking news, along with details on the origin and sources of the news. The Verge reports CNN has used Dataminr tools to produce at least two stories a day.
That would be the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility in Gakona, 15 miles northeast of Glennallen, Alaska. A “cosmic plasma laboratory without walls,” with implications not only for the military but also for basic science and communications, HAARP researches the ionosphere-where solar radiation meets atmosphere.

News From You

The change would be effected by switching to ODF as the standard document format in government.
Submitted by: The GoodDoc
An 8-core ARM System-on-a-Chip should begin sampling in March. Codenamed “Seattle,” the processors will be branded Opteron A-series and built on a 28nm process.
Submitted by: Kylde
Attackers were able to get the last four digits of his credit card from a Paypal customer support agent, then use that and a guess at two more digits to convince a GoDaddy customer support agent to give them control of Hiroshima’s domain names. That gave them access to his email addresses as well. Hiroshimma noticed and changed his Twitter email in time, but then gave in and transferred the twitter handle in order to get his domain names back
Submitted by: jaymz668


Two directors, including Shigeru Miyamoto will take similar 30-percent cuts and seven member’s of the board will take 20-percent cuts.
UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.



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