How Speech Jamming Works

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How Speech Jamming Works
Number 86
Broadcast Date October 6, 2017
Episode Length 18:52
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Jason Murphy


Most people don't know this, but Jason was the two time back-to-back copycat world champion. He used to be able to mimic languages that hadn't been invented yet! But that all changed with the digital revolution. Suddenly people weren't so impressed with a kid from the burbs with a mouth like a mirror now that a computer could do it too, and with higher fidelity. It's been a hard road but he's finally at a place where he can talk about that experience, and maybe... even have a machine repeat him while he does it.


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Fun Facts

  • Brian and Jason very briefly experimented with speech jamming in the season 1 pitch video for Hacking the System, a clip of which was shown in this episode.
  • There weren't easy, practical solutions for getting both spoken audio and the app-delayed audio simultaneously, so all delayed audio in this episode is simulated in post.
  • All tones at 14kHz and above were both recorded on mic and directly placed into the video to make sure that it came through on video.



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How Speech Jamming Works
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