How to Get a Beer For a Dollar!

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How to Get a Beer For a Dollar!
Number 197
Broadcast Date December 21, 2011
Episode Length 12:18
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Daniel Garcia

Revision3 Summary

A trick so nice, we did it twice! Blow the minds of your friends when you show them that the cards chosen out of a shuffled deck perfectly MATCH the serial number on a dollar bill! It's super simple to learn this one! Watch two different groups get scam-schooled by Brian's buddy and fellow magician, Daniel Garcia.

Next Week

Next week, you're not gonna wanna miss it we're actually gonna be displaying the episode in 3D! Now, because of the expensive 3D, we won't have the money to pay writers or really even have time for a trick or really any plot, any development or any beer. I'm sure it'll look really beautiful... 3D, sitting all alone with those goofy glasses on your face like "Ohh woah it's 3D wish there was a scam or a plot or anything worth a damn." I'm sure it'll be delightful.

Great Quote

Fun Facts

  • Filmed at Mars Bar
  • Brian's ad read was filmed with Ryan Connolly in his home.



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How to Get a Beer For a Dollar!
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