I'm Still Hot -- Kick Rocks!

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I'm Still Hot -- Kick Rocks!
Number 249
Broadcast Date November 28, 2018
Episode Length 01:48:54
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests Jack Allison

The news dump truck arrives to dump on Brian's brain. Plus, we're joined with Jack Allison from JackAM to play the classic game "Apologizes For." And your emails to mail@nightattack.tv!

Check out Jack's morning show at http://twitch.tv/jackam and follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/JackAllisonLOL


What's up Dudes

Brian went camping at Modern Rogue World Headquarters and ate Spam. There was a big sale at http://scamstuff.com which might still be on, or might not. Justin has... oh wait Justin has a prepared segment, it's:


Justin has gathered some important hard-hitting headlines, and Justin explains what goes on.

  • Right wing trolls report online sex workers to tax authorities in #thotaudit
  • This new L.A. museum will be completely devoted to Mexican food
  • Realtor posts sexy photos of house to attract home buyers
  • Parrot Jazz triggers emergency response with fire alarm impersonation.
  • Why does Des Moines smell like 'dog poo' today?

They then watched a video where a parrot was imitating a smoke alarm, and Brian recounted a story of a parrot that would mock Bonnie's mother's laugh.

Patreon Name Chant Corner Hour Hour Hour

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You can also twitch sub n' bits it up during the twitch sub minute. This episodes BIT BOSS was DJ_FISSION.

Jack AM

It's special guest Jack Allison from JackAM https://twitch.tv/jackam. Jack's co-host was maybe? probably? supposed to be on the show but a lot of crossed wires, missed communication and conflicting committments meant only Jack was on as a guest. It's all cool.

"Apologizes For" Game

It's a fantastic game you've seen before, headlines where people are "apologizing for" things are read with strategic information missing, and the contestants have to guess what they were actually apologizing for. Jack Allison gets to play too!

  • Burger King Russia apologizes for world cup BLANK ad. (a) Annihilation (b) Steroids (Brian) (c) Impregnation (Justin) (d) Corruption (Jack) (e) Vodka. The correct answer was IMPREGNATION.
  • Celtics star Kyrie Irving apologizes for saying "BLANK BLANK" after loss to Knicks. (a) Knicks Suck (b) Eat Me (c) God Dammit (Justin) (d) Fuck Thanksgiving (Jack) (e) Kick Rocks (Brian). The correct answer was FUCK THANKSGIVING.
  • Salvation Army apologizes for Hells Angels sporting BLANK patch while ringing bells in Valparaiso. (a) Roadrash (b) FSB (Jack) (c) Memorial (d) Aryan (Brian) (e) LGBT (Justin). The correct answer was ARYAN.
  • Fox News guest apologizes for comparing Hillary Clinton to BLANK during segment mix-up. (a) Dog (Jack) (b) Herpes (Brian) (c) Weasel (d) Kardashian (e) Nazis (Justin). The correct answer was HERPES.
  • West Point apologizes for BLANK's injuries; Air Force Acaedmy mascot expected to fully recover. (a) Chimp (b) Puma (c) Cadet (Justin) (d) Bull (Brian) (e) Falcon (Jack). The correct answer was FALCON.
  • Ohio haunted house apologizes for hosting 'BLANK Saturday' event. (a) Sultry (Justin) (b) Scab (Brian) (c) Seventies (d) Scream (e) Swastika (Jack). The correct answer was SWASTIKA.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar apologizes for Thanksgiving BLANK post. (a) Call-out (b) PETA (Jack) (c) Lingerie (Justin) (d) Ham (e) Sponsored (Brian). The correct answer was LINGERIE.
  • 'Fun is outlawed in America.' MO university president criticized for BLANK BLANK BLANK. (a) Beer Bong Swig (Justin) (b) Tail Gate Chant (Brian) (c) Failed Meme Attempt (Jack) (d) Angry Kneeling Rant (e) Dancing on Sidelines. The correct answer was BEER BONG SWIG.

The final round is two points!

  • Amazon's Alexa 'apologizes' for not bringing HQ2 to BLANK. (a) Indianapolis (b) Austin (Brian) (c) Atlanta (Justin) (d) Nashville (e) Philadelphia (Jack). The correct answer was AUSTIN.

Who won? Brian won! Hooray! If you have a game, send it in to mail at night attack dot tv, and you will assuredly receive a set of stickers from http://StickersOrDIAF.com.

Diamond Time

The Movie Draft

Yes, it's still going! But wait now DTNS is in the lead! See it all at http://draft.diamondclub.tv


Should stuffing be made in the turkey or in a dish? (Yes) What was the first band you hated? (TLC, Pearl Jam, N'Sync), also a story about boy band rivalry. An update on a listener listening to Night Attack back episodes. An excellent joke about Sean Connery.

Send your mailbag funny jokes and questions to mail at night attack dot tv.

Fun Facts

  • Justin carved the turkey at Shannon Morse's Friendsgiving for the first time ever.
  • Brian told his scam stuff email dad joke to finish the show.


Preshow & Aftershow

Since Night Attack is directly funded by the viewers, the preshow and aftershow videos are available to Patrons of the show ASAP and freely available 48h after release. If you're not yet a Patron of the show, then go to Patreon.com/NightAttack and pledge ANY amount!


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