I'm Sure Your Movies Are Fine, Mr. Spielberg

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I'm Sure Your Movies Are Fine, Mr. Spielberg
Number 257
Broadcast Date March 4, 2019
Episode Length 1:02:56
Hosts Brian Brushwood, Tom Merritt

A Netflix-Spielberg fight! HBO is changing in big ways. BritBox coming to the Brits! All this and more on Cordkillers!


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Intro Video

Primary Target

IndieWire reports that Steven Spielberg will push for a rule change in the Academy Awards to get movies from streaming services like Netflix classified as TV and push them towards the Emmys.
Netflix responded on Twitter saying:
We love cinema. Here are some things we also love:
Access for people who can't always afford, or live in towns without theaters
Letting everyone, everywhere enjoy releases at the same time
Giving filmmakers more ways to share art
These things are not mutually exclusive.

How to Watch

How you watch HBO might be changing soon
AT&T sent a memo to WarnerMedia employees Monday outlining changes.
Richard Plepler, the head of HBO and David Levy, president of Turner Broadcasting have both resigned.
Former NBC exec Robert Greenblatt will oversee HBO, TNT, TBS, TruTV and the upcoming streaming service.
CNN's Jeff Zucker will add sports to his news oversight.
Kevin Tsujihara will continue to run Warner Bros Hollywood and TV studios and add a kids and young adult group as well as consumer product licensing
ReCode's Peter Kafka says it's because ATT wants to run Turner and HBO as one business. HBO under Plepler prided itself on independence. It was the only place to see Game of Thrones, Sopranos etc. Now you might see Game of Thrones running reruns on TNT and you will certainly see it all packaged together as one offering by the end of the year.

What to Watch

CBS confirmed that Star Trek: Discovery will get a third season. Alex Kurtzman, who took over showrunning early in season 2 will share producer credits with Michell Paradise who came on board midway through season 2 as well.

Eyes On

Front Lines

Study from cordcutting.com surveyed 1,127 people using Amazon's Mechanical Turk to ask them among other things, about mooching. Using someone else's password to access a streaming video service. If everybody who said they mooched paid for their own subscription instead, Netflix would bring in an extra $192 million. Amazon $45 million and Hulu $40 million. The largest age group of people mooching Netflix and Hulu was Millennials at 18 and 20% of moochers. While Baby Boomers were tops at 19.5% of people mooching Prime Video.
TiVo is preparing to split its company into two with one handling the DVRs like TiVo BOLT and the other licensing intellectual property. TiVo has essentially been up for sale for about a year and the split is probably meant to make sales easier. You may recall that Rovi acquired TiVo in 2016 and kept the name for the combined company.
The New York Post has an article reviving the story we talked about last year that Apple and Tim Cook in particular are heavily involved in the content direction of its original TV shows. The Post reports the same stories we heard before of Apple wanting nicer, family-friendly storylines and creators getting frustrated. If nothing else, it may mean that the situation hasn't changed and is supposed as the cause of the delay of Apple's original TV content service.
Last episode, we mentioned how Sling TV has 2.42 million subs and DirecTV 1.6 million followed by around 1 million for YouTube and Hulu. Well Bloomberg's sources say Hulu is nearing 2 million for its live TV service and YouTube has definitely passed 1 million. Meaning they're gaining or passing Sling and DirecTV and seemingly growing while the others flatten.
Variety says Disney is in active talks to buy out AT&T's 10 percent stake in Hulu. AT&T gained the stake when it acquired Warner. Disney owns 30% of Hulu and is about to make that 60% when its acquisition of most of Fox is completed. Comcast, which owns the other 30% told investors it is not interested in selling its stake.
BritBox is coming to Britain. The service which combines content from the BBC and ITV has been available in North America. ITV said it and the BBC are also working to sign on other partners for the UK version of the service, including Channel 4 and 5. It would also include new programming created specifically for the service. The target date for a launch would be the second half of 2019.

Dispatches From The Front

Hi, I am legally blind but I still like to "watch" tv and movies with my wife. I was wondering if there is a device/streaming service combo that would allow me to wear headphones to listen to descriptive technology while my wife just watches the tv normally. The theaters have this and it allows me to enjoy movies with her there and I would LOVE to replicate that at home.

- Mikey C

Hey guys,

The chicken challenge is still alive! I get "internet only" from Spectrum. I have 200MiB/s/$79.99. Spectrum offers new customers in my neighborhood 400MiB/s/$69.99. I called and told them if they could not give me the new customer price and speed I would look elsewhere for internet. It was a PITA, but I got 400MiB/s/$70.99, so $1 more than the new user price, but still doubled my internet speed and took $9 a month off of the bill! If you have already cut the TV cable you can still play the chicken challenge!

Your lesser boss,
- Steve

You guys spoke about usually (other than the super bowl, which I boycott) not thinking of the production value and content of ads on streams or broadcasts or etc. I'm way older than you "kids." Did you know that John Lennon once spoke about how much he liked tv adverts? He said, think about it, look what they spend on one minute of production, multiply that by two hours worth. They spend way more than is spent on tv or movies generally, so they'd better be effing good. Fun thought.

- Steve S.

As for ads? The only ads I see are on YouTube, and their lack of variety is madenning. I signed up with Namecheap.com and got nothing but Namecheap and GoDaddy ads for weeks straight. Then I tried NordVPN for my dad and got nothing but VPN ads. I am now enjoying a good dozen Squarespace ads before I get Wix or something. I've disliked ads before, but I've never hated a company because of them until lately.

This truly is the darkest timeline.

- Andrew



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